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When we talk about nutrition, we often put energy first, then how important is energy?

Energy is nutrition with the largest relationship between life, and pigs consume energy every moment; if the pig is metaphor into a car, the energy is equivalent to gasoline, and the oil, the oil can’t start, broken energy Pigs have become dead pigs. The energy in the feed has become nutrients of pigs, but also the process of many twists and turns; not all energy can be converted into energy that can be utilized by pigs, but only a little part.
The energy in the feed is first, which is the energy released when the feed is completely burned; energy can be referred to by the energy of pigs to be referred to as digestive energy, and can be digestible and absorbed. Energy, which will be from the intestine Exterior of the road; the part of the participation in metabolism is called metabolic energy, the other is urine, and the body is discharged in the form of urine; metabolism can be divided into two parts, and some of them are consumed by the regenerative manner. When you are very cold, you will be hot, it is hot, that is, the heating of the eating body is active; the other part is the energy that the pig can utilize, called the net energy; net energy division to maintain net energy and Net energy production; maintenance of net energy is the energy required to maintain normal life activities, such as maintaining body temperature constant, maintaining normal activities, etc .; production net energy is different from pigs in different stages, and the pigs in the growth stage are grown. It can, can have the net energy of the fattening stage, and for pregnant mother pigs, it is the net energy of the organizational of the fetus and the fetal garment, and the pigs in the breastfeeding stage are milk cleanliness; maintenance The net energy is generally a relatively constant part, and the production of net energy is variable.
In terms of pig pigs, because metabolic energy and net energy are inconvenient to measure, in terms of energy, in terms of digestibility. Because maintaining net energy is constant, urine and body heating are not changed, and the digestion can high production is high; the net energy is high, and the pig production is valuable, and the pig’s profits are also The bigger the more; so it is very important to understand energy, which is very important to improve the level of pig production and profitability.
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