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During the breeding process, often encounter pigs with legs, many people will suspect that they are calcium deficiency in feed; then what is the legs caused by calcium deficiency?

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Pig lacks calcium, early performance is an appetite, not active, abnormal, happy, fear of crowding . The mid-term sick pig movement is stylish, with the back posture, the hind swing, some have a lame, the two rear limbs are rejoiled into the inside, showing the “eight” glyphs fork, it seems to be weak, pain, diet, often Lying. The sick pig is not going, before the two posterior limbs extend in the abdomen, the two foreflowers are curved in the chest, and they can’t stand it after the bed. Forcibly drive or pull up the tail to stand, the pain is called, the limbs are shaking, can’t eat . Most of the diseased pigs were treated with 3 × 4 cm left and right ovals, including slurry or purust liquid.

In addition to calcium deficiency, there are many reasons why legs, such as foot-and-mouth disease, rigging, trauma, hooves, rheumatoid arthritis, etc., will cause pig’s leg, each leg It is different.

After the pig is lacking calcium, the teeth will also be soft, so loss of appetite; deficiency is systemic, so the limbs will look weak, pigs are unwilling to exercise, and they are often just a leg. Symptoms; calcium deficiency and foot-and-mouth disease are soft, but the foot-and-mouth disease will have a fever, while there will be blisters and wounds, and the calcium deficiency has no body temperature rise and blisters; rheumatoid arthritis, is in just standing, pain is obvious The symptoms after the activity are alleviated, while the calcium deficiency pig is unwilling to move; in addition, if the calcium deficiency, it is often not a pig, but a group of pigs.
So, in the phenomenon of the pig, there is no simple consideration of calcium deficiency, but should be comprehensively analyzed.
Source: Liu pig Author: Liu Dewang

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