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In the modern aquaculture industry, due to the mildew material in the feed raw material, the content of the feed and feed raw materials is too much in the feed and feed raw material, which is too much to accumulate in the liver after feeding livestock and poultry, leading to livestock and poultry. The amount decreases, and the phenomenon of raised meat is generally existent, so that the cultured animal care is increasingly important. (248.51 KB, Downloads: 76)

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For a common example, we often separate from the sick duck in the duckling duck, because the duck is extremely sensitive to mold toxins, if the raw materials are seriously polluted, and the opening is replaced on the same day. It caused a decline in feed, severely caused a duck (egg duck) lay egg decline, usually fell by 4-7% in 3-5 days, some ducks showed shortening, low-feeding, pulse, sporadic death, some duck death There is a twist, and there is a nervous symptom such as the legs; youth ducks and commodity ducks are not willing to move, loss of appetite, appearance, and high mortality, usually more than 10%.

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The egg hooks are compared with egg ducks, and the sensitivity of mold toxins is poor. Generally, it will be slowly displayed after 22-35 days in the liver, and it will take food, and the feed conversion rate is low. Too much amation, the intestinal disease is not hurt, the feed is frequent (material manure). Therefore, production performance abnormality caused by mold toxin poisoning needs to be particularly valued. Global survey showed that deoxye frumiosterellene (DON) and volts (FB) were mold toxins with the highest detection rate in various feed raw materials. The toxic effect of mold toxins (such as FB and DON) leads to gastric intestinal lesions, causing animals to refuse to eat, reduce animal growth, and produce immunosuppression. The expression of these cytokines raised the expression level of a plurality of signal conduction suppression factors (SOCs), wherein some inhibitory factors can affect growth hormone (GH) signaling. The adverse effect on growth hormone can lead to insulinLong Poscetia 1 (IGF-1) reduced secretion, thereby damaging the health and production performance of animals. Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) is a peptide associated with insulin. It is mainly produced by the liver, and 95% to 99% of the insulin-like growth factor-1 is combined with 6 binding proteins during metabolism in vivo. These binding proteins serve as a buffer to coordinate the metabolism of the free growth medium in each tissue and removal. Therefore, when the feed and aquaculture industry is used in the use of feed and raw materials, it must pay attention to the detection of mold toxins, and do the prevention and control of mold toxins. It is well known that because mold toxins are widely used in feed raw materials or in the storage of raw materials, it will bring severe challenges to the feed industry and farming industry. Upgrading relegraft has become a market darling, solving some problems, but the mold toxin enters the body, the liver is the first to be rushing, the damage is severe, causing a series of liver functional recessions, how to solve this fundamental problem? Longchang bile acid is How to stand out in many liver products, what is the reason for non-use? 1. The power of the brand – integrity management is our aim. Longchang bile acid has been on the list of CCTV, good results, and quality service customers can see! 2. Bile acid is the main component of the bile extracted from the gallbladder. It belongs to the endogenous substances of livestock and poultry. It can make up for the lack of bile, and the body will not be rejected, and the liver burden will not be added. 3. Longchang bile acid, as an excretion, can effectively decompose endotoxin, promote the secretion of liver cells secretion, so that the biliary tract is smooth, eliminate bile sprinkles, and play the gallbladder. Many drugs, heavy metals, mold toxins and other harmful substances are also discharged from bile, thereby reducing the accumulation of toxins in the liver, minimizing liver burden, strengthening liver function, effectively treating livestock and poultry, and repairing liver gallbladder! 4. Further, a large number of studies have shown that goose deoxycholic acid is remarkably effective in anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, and improve immunity, effectively maintain intestinal health, increase the strip of intestines, and play a unique role in protecting liver colon. Bile acid can also increase insulin-like factor concentration, raising blood clear insulin content, and increase the absorption of intestinal glucose.

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