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Many dairy farmers believe that there are mosquitoes and flies in the summer, and the harm of mosquitoes is not valued. As everyone knows, mosquitoes itself carries a large number of pathogenic bacteria, which is an important medium of many infectious diseases in the farm. The impact on the production of dairy farms is not small. my country’s dairy colors are mainly open collections, and mosquito flies are difficult to prevent and control. 1. Dissemination of disease flies is the best tool for pathogenic microbial spread. It not only carries a variety of bacteria such as Escherichia, Careber, Staphylococcus, but also carries a large number of viruses and parasites. Flies are the main media organisms of dairy field foot-and-mouth disease, Burda bacilli, popular heat and other diseases. In addition, flies like to gather, bite wounds, plus cows discomfort, increase the risk of wound infection, slow down the wound healing speed. Mosquito flies will bite a cow breasts, causing multiple breasts in the field, cow is caused by disease, resulting in losses. Scientific research shows that the prevention and control of mosquitoes can greatly reduce the incidence of breast inflammation of dairy farm. 2, affecting the amount of milk due to the intrusion of mosquitoes, dairy seeding is disturbed. Dining capacity reduction affects the amount of milk. In order to prevent mosquitoes from intrusion, the cow will be tail, the legs, shake the head, and a wide range of walking or gather together. The mental tension caused by escaping the invading consumption is part of the energy that can be used in milk and weight. Dairy farm flies will also affect the quality of the milk source. Sick cows naturally unable to produce high quality milk. Flies have a huge damage to the milk farm. According to the survey, the normal cows 1 day milk volume is about 35 kilograms, and the dairy dairy farm in mosquitoes is harmful. The amount of milk per cow has decreased by about 5.25 kg. 1 1000 cow’s dairy farm, produced by about 157500 kilograms in many months in the mosquito flies, calculated according to milk 1 kg price of 3.5 yuan, and the ranch lost 55.125 million. I didn’t expect little flies to bring such a big loss to the pasture! In addition, flies carry bacteria will also pollute the milk source, causing the quality of the milk source to decline. 3. Reduce Work Efficiency Mosquito Flights affect the work and rest of the field, affecting the daily production of the milk field. Mosquito flies spread human disease and is one of the main media of human lives. It is harmful to the health of the dairy farm staff. 4. Waste feed cows will drive fly during feeding. Dairy “料” This seemingly simple behavior has brought huge economic losses to the pasture. In the dairy farm, the cow will be treated when eatingMaterials or soil and other substances are used in flies. When there are fly harassment, cows are easier to learn this instance. It caused a huge amount of feed. When there are 1-150 flies around each cow, there will be 1 first to learn to feed every 30 cows; when there are 151-350 flies around each cow, there will be 1 first learn to get every 20 cows. Feed; when there are 350-2000 flies around each cream, there will be 1 to learn to feed every 15 cows; when there are more than 2 flies around each cow, there will be 1 head in every 10 cows. Learn to feed. According to the US statistics, a cow usually takes 113-170 grams of feed each time, if there is 1,000 cows in a dairy farm, then the loss data is as follows:

Recommended: Le Chang (small eucalyptus essential oil) Solving mosquitoes for the pasture I am worried, the cool aroma of eucalyptus leaves is a stimulating odor for mosquitoes. It is a very good mosquito repellent product from the eucalyptus leaves. It is very safe and non-toxic. It is also a very good in vivo and excessive deworming products. It is confirmed that the growth and reproduction of harmful pathogen microorganisms can be effectively inhibited by clinical applications. It can be used outside, and it is more convenient to use.

can be sprayed evenly in the surface of the cattle, and the eucalyptus oil can adhere the hair of the bag, and the source is constantly emitting the smell to drive away the mosquitoes. Absolute green, safe, non-toxic, does not cause damage to the dairy itself, can be used at each stage.

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