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The ingredients of pigs have been discussed, and these ingredients are converted by feed; so all of which feeds can be transformed into the ingredients of pigs?
There are several of the following, energy substances, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and water.
Energy is the energy required for pig life activities, which is oxidized by energy substance; there are three kinds of substances that provide energy in the feed, one is a sugar, two is fat, three is protein; these three The energy value of the substance is different, the fat is maximum, the energy value of protein and sugar is lower than fat.
Protein is the most basic unit of life activities. There is no life without protein; protein or main components of pig products, such as pork, the main ingredient of pork is protein, and the main components of pig milk are also protein; protein is measured in feed, generally The crude protein is expressed; but the crude protein is obtained by determining the content of nitrogen in the feed, and the protein contains a true protein, and other nitrogen-containing components, which often does not be digested by pigs. The protein in the feed is pasted into small molecular amino acids through gastrointestinal digestion, and then absorbed into the body; many amino acids are combined into the protein of pigs.
The minerals are also coarse ash, and the feed is subjected to the remaining ash; in the feed, almost all ingredients other than carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen.
Vitamin is a very little content in the feed, but the role is very large; if you make an alteration, you can use the seasoning of the seasoning, or you can use the machine’s lubricant, even the amount is small, but the role It is very big.
The above components are just a probably, and each kind will be subdivided into a variety of different components; we will continue to introduce in the following content.
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