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When taking the nutritional species, it lists energy, protein, minerals, vitamins and water. In fact, there is still a nutrition, that is, oxygen, just oxygen is in nature, don’t spend money. Not included.

With the development of pig pigs, the order of nutrition on the importance of pig pigs is also changing; decades ago, my country’s raising pigs were generally in the sizzling stage, and the lack of food, the green grass and vegetables were very useful. The most important nutrients at that time were energy and proteins.
In recent years, food is no longer the main factor constraints, and the production performance of pigs is constantly improving, vitamin and trace elements are more likely to lack; for example, my country has just started scale, using cement ground There is an excessive area of ​​iron deficiency anemia; because the demand for vitamin E and selenium due to fast growth, the two ingredients are lacking. But these follows people’s understanding and the improvement of pig technology means, the lack of the above has improved.

Now large-scale pig, oxygen and water form an important nutrient element that restricts the development of pigs; although it is now generally used free drinking water, many pig farms have no water quality due to severe water pollution, water quality To the request, the phenomenon of insufficient water supply is often happening; the lack of water is easier to appear in high temperature in summer, because of the high temperature period, pig’s demand for water is increased, and the water supply is easy to cause lack of water pressure; additional high temperature season is easy There is a phenomenon in which the voltage is insufficient, and the water supply facility will be reduced due to insufficient voltage. Therefore, water supply problems must be considered in the high temperature season.

Oxygen is stored in air, there is no lack of lack of sizzling; but after scale, pig density is increased, especially winter cold, in order to heat, many pig houses are closed, fresh air cannot enter in time Pig house, while pig manure urine and breathing are constantly released toxins, there is a phenomenon of lack of oxygen in pig houses; many pig farms have a respiratory disease in winter, and there is direct relationship with hypoxia; air hypoxia It is necessary to increase the number of breathing, which will cause the breathing apparatus.The function is lowered, and it is easy to get on due to bacterial and viral infections.

Because the feeding environment is different, the importance of nutrition has changed for different feeding conditions; it is mentioned today, just reminds pig friends, do not ignore any one of them.
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