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This sentence is a foreign expert that he said when he lectures, and he did not explain more, but later analyzed, it was really very reasonable.

From the source, protein feed is lacking than energy feed, because the yield of energy feed is much higher than protein feed, people are more willing to plant high-yield crops; in terms of price, the price of protein feed is high More; then why do China’s feed is not a lack of protein but lack of energy?

There are several factors here.
The first is the problem of human understanding, and people believe that proteins are important factors to limit pig production. When designing formulations and use, they will be biased to more protein; so, although cost is high, people are willing to use protein feed.

Second, people need to be unclear, especially environmental factors, and the environmental factors of domestic pig farms have changed as the season, and they cannot be stable for long-term. , Feed formula and feeding amount do not have problems; however, the temperature of the temperature is reduced, and the pigs in the maintenance of energy are increased, still according to the original formula, then the energy is not enough; many pig farm after winter It will be found that the sow is universally thin, which is a serious lack of energy and is used.
The third is the factor of the feed itself; when designing the formulation, it is designed according to standard corn; however, corn produced often does not reach standards, especially for themselves or approaching the acquisition of corn, fundamental Use it without testing, unqualified corn is very useful; such as newly harvested corn often has a lot of water and impurities, it will reduce the proportion of energy; the newly harvested corn still has a large number of resistant starch, while resistance Starch is not digestive.

The fourth is that people have fed preferred, especially for the cultivation of resembled mother pigs, regardless of how the sows grow, no matter what the sow is love, there are thousands of restrictions, resulting in sows Because of the lack of love, it is not estrus; there is such a problem in pregnant sows.

The demand for pigs on different nutrient elements requires balance, which is much more or less, which is not conducive to pig production; I hope that my friends have looked at their own situation, there is no energy What about?
Source: Liu pig Author: Liu Dewang

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