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When observing the feces of piglets, they often see the feces hard hair, and many people think this is a good feed sign; because such feces, the piglet is not rigor, but also feed The utilization is also high.

In fact, this is a large amount of copper in the feed; copper added to the feed, itself is blue; but after the digestive tract is changed, it has become black; So why do people add a lot of copper?
First, copper is a necessary trace element necessary for pigs, which can participate in the synthesis of various enzymes, especially related to hematopoietic; if copper is lacking, a anemia symptom will also occur.

In addition, large doses of copper, as well as antibacterial promoting growth to improve feed utilization, according to data, copper additions can be significantly long-lasting when the amount of copper is 150 mg / kg.

There is a theoretical support, and it has seen the effect in practice, and the price of copper is very low. Why don’t you use it?
However, high-dose copper adds to pig pigs, because the amount of copper increases, other trace elements and vitamins also increase accordingly, this undoubtedly increases costs; and according to test, copper The amount of addition of more than 250 mg / kg, the growth effect and 150 mg / kg have not improved, and it can only be a waste of resources; and feeding the feces of high copper pigs will also cause pollution to the land.

If the copper is used during the fattening phase, the copper will accumulate in the body, and the human humans who eat pork will cause damage; if used for breeding pigs, it will affect the growth of breeding properties of pigs, destroying the pig Micro-state balance.
Therefore, the use of high copper is now limited to the piglet stage, and adult pigs and fattening pigs are not allowed to use a lot.

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