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This is a contradiction between the frequent pigs and feed suppliers; because the pigs have vitamin deficiency, such as defective vitamin E, lack of biotin Board of hoof, etc., the feed supplier will indicate that the amount of vitamins in the feed is much more enough, and it is not considered to be his responsibility.

What is going on here?
This is because vitamin itself is a dynamic ingredient, which gradually decreases with the deposit time; in addition, pigs on vitamins are also a dynamic process, will change with age, use, environmental factors, etc. For example, in summer, vitamin degradation speed is accelerated, and pigs have increased the demand for many vitamins, and there will be some vitamins; in winter, climate is dry, pigs on biotin’s demand will rise, especially Sow; and in the pregnancy stage, pigs on folic acid are much higher than other stages. For feed mills, increasing adding amount will increase costs, will lose price advantage; but the feed mill is not likely to change the formulation with changes in external factors. But if there is a lack of vitamins, it is ultimately injured or pigs.

In order to prevent vitamin deficiency, it is necessary to raise pigs to pay attention.

The first is to choose the feed of the manufacturer of the manufacturer, as these manufacturers may have more vitamins added to the feed, or use the package to be technically extended to extend the vitamin storage.

Second is to learn related knowledge, understand which vitamin is easily lacking under the circumstances; there are many types of vitamins that are easily destroyed in summer, while in winter, it is easy to lack biotin; add corresponding vitamins according to specific conditions .
The third is to supplement feeds with high vitamin content, such as green feeding, because of a large number of vitamins and trace elements in the green feed, which is a very good vitamin and trace element supplements to breeds.
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