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Pig, you must put feed and nutrients in the first place, because the feed has the following important roles on pig pigs.
First, nutrition is the basis of pig life activities, no nutritional supply, pigs will not be able to live. The pig is live, it is necessary to consume energy, and these energy is nutrition; and the nutrients of pigs are converted by feed.
Second, nutrition and health have a direct relationship; lack of any nutrients, there will be corresponding lack of disease; if the nutrients are overnuaria, there will also be a nutrients; regardless of the lack of nutrients, it is not just obvious. The lack of lack of disease, and more leads to reduced immunity, and pigs therefore there will be more diseases. For example, the most common anemia, white muscle disease, cartilage, hooves, are related to nutrient lack.
The third is that the feed is related to the profitability of pigs; in general, the cost of feed accounts for about 80% of the total cost; for small-scale feeding, the proportion of feed is larger; such as a total of 100 kilograms of goods in the same column Pig, if the meat is 3: 1, it takes 300 kg of feed; if the meat is 3.5: 1, it will consume 350 kg of feed; the two are 50 kg of feed, and the 50 kg of feed costs, It is the profit of our pigs earning.
Of course, pig people can also use their own knowledge, combined with local cheap resources, reduce feed costs; learn feed knowledge, and provide another way to make money for us.
From today, we will learn from feed and nutrition.
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