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Iron is an important component of hemoglobin in the blood; if there is no iron deficiency in the body, there will be iron deficiency anemia, the body is thin, the skin is white, the growth is slow, the feed utilization rate is lowered, and the serious person will result death.

So now pigs, whether it is in the cement floor or a webbed, it must be added during breastfeeding.
But people have such a question, why is breastfeeding pigs to supplement iron, and adult pigs don’t need?

First of all, after the piglet was born, the body growth was very fast, and the nutrients of physical development need blood to transport, so the development of cardiovascular system is very fast; cardiovascular development is fast, blood cell growth is also Very fast, you need a lot of iron supply.

After piglets, the storage capacity of iron in the body is very small, only a few days; the iron in the sow is stable, and the sow is relying on sow, it can not meet the needs of piglet growth. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement iron through another way to grow smoothly.
After the piglet is weaned, the feed can provide enough iron, there is no lack of iron; so the growth pigs and adult pigs that feed the feed are needed.
But someone will ask, decades ago, when farmers were sized, there was never supplemented iron, but there were no iron deficiency anemia, why is it?

It turned out that the pigs were raised in the land, and the soil contained in the earth. The sow is often in contact with the soil, including a large amount of soil on the body; piglets When you eat milk or your arches, you accidentally eat these soil into your stomach, which is equivalent to additional iron.
So, if it is in a cement floor or a net bed, it is necessary to supplement the iron; and the pigs that are fed or raised in the land do not need additional iron.
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