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Entering the fall, the temperature begins to decline, especially the temperature difference between day and night, the animal has a cold cough, it is common, this situation is caused? How to prevent?
The feces of the respiratory disease farm caused by excessive concentrations of cage resequently failed to remove, the ammonia gas produced by the manure was decomposed, and the concentration of ammonia gas was constantly accumulated, and the animal respiratory mucosa will cause the animal respiratory mucosa. A respiratory disease, cough.

Environmental humidity is low, respiratory disease
is slowly approaching Mid-Autumn Festival, the rainy season has passed, and this time is more wind, less rain, while dry air is easily caused by respiratory diseases. When the environmental humidity is less than 40%, it will cause a resilous mucosa moisture to decrease, and its respiratory mucosa will have functional disorders, thereby causing respiratory diseases.
Recised fluffy clippermia spreads the disease air dry, plush, suspended dust, and a large amount of dust in the pathogen enters the respiratory tract, which will accumulate in the respiratory tract, and damage the respiratory mucosa, causing onset.
The above is the main reason for the multiple of the autumn respiratory disease. If you want to prevent respiratory disease, you need to do the following: Timely clean the feces, reduce the stimulation of the ammonia fermentation on the respiratory tract! Diligently disinfection, once a day, reduce the spread of disease! Strengthen nutrition and enhance the resistance is the foundation!
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