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During the winter, the preparation period of fur animals, due to the cold, should do a good job in cold and heat preservation of fur animals. Strengthening the feeding management of the preparation of the period, making the foundation for the breeding period of the fur animal. In addition, it is necessary to do a good deworming, immunized vaccination, and disease-resistant work, so that the fur animals from the violation of various diseases, affecting breeding.

1, November ~ November to November of the next year, January is the lowest temperature in the year, at this time, the fox, the feeding volume is reduced, and the scorpion begins with non-sustainable hibernation. Feeding of feed should also be reduced accordingly.
The scorpion began to feed once, as the weather became cold and the decrease in the feeding, can be fed once every other day, the colder, can also feed it three days, feeding the amount according to its physical condition and feed volume Fixed. The fox can be fed once, and the amount of feeding is about 250 grams, and the water is about 100 grams, and it is necessary to increase or decrease according to its physical condition and the amount of feeding.
In this period, attention should be paid to adjust the physical condition of the kind of animal, and the fox is the best in the medium orientation. Method of adjustment of physical fertilizer: Suitable to reduce the amount of energy of energy substances, and should increase the number of coarse fibers. In production, it is generally by increasing the wheat bran in the feed, a large number of coarse fibers high vegetables, appropriate increase in water, crude bran, peanut seed or shell powder, alfalfa powder and other feed materials, reducing nutrition standards or increase sports in the feed Method, reduce animal fertilization; body thin adjustment method: increase the content of energy substances (corn, flour, various animals or plant grease, etc.), improve nutritional standards in feed, increase the quality of feed dryer, and 貂Method for padlife or electric pack to increase the love of animals.
When the physical condition is adjusted, it is necessary to prevent the use of hunger and losing, hunger, losing, is healthy, and also induces a bite.
The amount of demand for proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals in feed animals is still not high, but the types of various micro-nutrients (vitamins, amino acids, minerals) must have, and should be appropriately gradually Reduce the amount of energy feed in the feed, the fat protease and carbohydrind enzyme in the feed, the amount of amylase, the amount of crude fiber content in the feed should be appropriately increased. In the type of feed, fish powder, chicken by-products, soybeans, cakes and other protein raw materials are still maintained at lower supply levels, and gradually increase the amount of bran, reduce corn, wheat. Let the fur animals have only eating feelings, while still can’t grow too much fatIt also reduces the cost of the feed. During this period, you should add a padding in the neck box, do a good job in cold and heat preservation, and keep the neck box clean, keep the box of quiet, minimize human interference.
After January, January, after January, the food of Fox was increased, and the scorpion was fed once three days, gradually increased the number of feeding, 貂, fox, 貉 貉 到10 hours, feed twice, the amount of feeding is gradually increased.
This period, the number of proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals of fur animals should increase appropriately, and the energy feed in the feed should be maintained at an appropriate level and can gradually reduce the coarse fiber content of the feed. In the type of feed, fish powder, chicken by-products, soybeans, cakes, etc., should be appropriately increased, and gradually reduce the amount of bran, corn, corn, and wheat should be maintained at a stable level.
The feeding focus of this period is that all kinds of animals are adjusted to medium or medium slightly lower levels, preparing for breeding.
At the same time, we must also do a good deworming (except in vivo, nematodium, nematode, protests and in vitro, scorpion, 疥), immunization (mainly prevent dogwood, infectious gastroenteritis, Influenza, foamers in an influenza, foxel, anti-disease (appropriate feeding of a small amount of beneficial microorganisms or antibacterial anti-inflammatory drugs, such as cephalosporins, oxytetracycline, dysete, etc., so that the beast Infringement of bacilli, Salmonella.
In particular, the mink should also be dewormed. Don’t use the same pestainable drug, a dewormy drug, it is best to use only one year. Conventional insecticide drugs, such as gentle, coli, sorganin, Ivasca, etc.
Insect and vaccine injection, it is best to have a good interval for about 7 days, avoiding two stability, reducing animal disease resistance. Scan code is more! ! !

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