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Blue fox is preparing for a variety, from 11 to December for preparation of breeding, in order to prepare a breeding in May, in March, in the following year, it was prepared in the late stage of breeding.
1. Preparation of the feeding
Preparing the task of the subsequent period is to raise full price and adjust the physical condition of fox.
Preparing for breeding and except for the feed of full-price nutrients, it is necessary to quantify feeding according to the physical condition of fox, each morning and evening, and prevent the feeding of fertilizer. 2. Prepare the management of the period
Guaranteed light: Most of the foxes are raised under natural light, and they cannot put foxs in the room or back to the backlight.
Drinking water: water shortage will make foxs, loss of appetite, decreased digestive ability, anti-pathological force, will result in metabolic disorders when severe The consequences of lack of water when the sky is hot, more serious than the low temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the water tank is water every day, but add water to the water. When the weather is cold, it will give 1 warm water every day.
Strict selection: Percutaneous skin can be eliminated for individual malnutrition, obstructive or histemiaries, self-studying.
Adjusting the body condition: planting fox, excessive fertilizer, too thin, will reduce reproductive. Pay attention to the physical condition of the fox, to be controlled in medium or middle.
Identify the body of the fox, the following three methods can be used:
1 Touch identification: the feeding personnel are used for the back, ribs and the back of the fox. After the fat of the fox, the bone is not obvious, the back abdomen is thick; the belly is thick; the slim spine and rib are protruded, and the back is empty. Medium physical condition is between the two.
2 Weigh Identification: Finland’s original fox, Gonghu is 14 ~ 16 kilograms, and the mother fox is 9 ~ 11 kilograms, and there is a big difference between different foxes and individual body weights. It can be used to determine its fertilizer. Its body mass index is 80 to 100 grams of weight of 1 cm; this method is relatively accurate.
3 visual identification: depends on the physical condition of the fox, especially if the body body is observed, especially if the back body is full, the movement is flexible, whether the fur is bright and mentally state.
The physical condition should be recorded, and individuals should be tagged, take measures, take measures, feeding 2 times a day, feeding less, physical condition adjustment. Weight loss method: First, put the fox in a larger cage, can move freely, or put the fox in the hospital, use the mesh to isolate a small sports field, and make the pseudo-fox strong sports 2 ~ 3 times. The second is to control the food. The third is to adjust the daily grain formulation, less to fat and sugar feed, appropriately increase the amount of vegetable feed.
Methods: First, add food. Increase the amount of feed to individuals. The second is to adjust the day grain formula. If the whole group is thin, the daily granulation standard should be improved, and the ratio of fat and protein in the diet is increased.
Also stimulation: The male cages and female fox cages are prepared in the late stage, and the heterosexual fox is facing, and the gland is stimulated.
Strengthening the movement: Promoting the increase in activities of foams, sports can make the foxs estrus, and the sexual desire is strong. The public cavity has a strong breeding ability, and the mother fox has a smooth variety.
Emotic examination: Blue Fox estrus in late March to late May. In the three northeastern provinces, Inner Mongolia, there is a family fantashe estrus every year in early March. Therefore, it is necessary to check the whole group of Mother Fox in the beginning of March, and do the estrus for Mother, which esteris is late.
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