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(1) Preparation
Arctic Blue Fantry is concentrated in late April to May 53 days (49 ~ 56 days) during pregnancy, so according to the initial recording of 45 days Start preparation for pregnant fox, my country should also prepare soft and longer plasma in the line, and die after flying in the bin. (518 farming technology network finishing)
(2) Processing Nursing
1. Difficult to-produce foxes that have been delayed in the property signs, and should be dealt with. This kind of mother fox repeatedly in the box, and constantly review the abdomen, started upset, there was a painful struggle, and even the call was constantly opened. At this time, it should be reported in time to report to the technical personnel in time to take labor assisted or Caesarean section.
2. Mother fox has been raised in the first 2 days, such as the hair, 草 窝, is degraded in the previous meal, and even no snacks. At this time, it should be prepared before pre-preparation, the water bottle is filled with clean water, and the mother-induced female fox, the initial fox or the food of the female fox, should be added to the salt water, and the thirst to swallow the fox.
3. Blue fox production time, mostly concentrated at night, especially the most dawn time, most of the delivery process lasts for 2 to 3 hours, and there is also 1 to 6 hours. When the child, the breeder should pay close attention to the dynamics of Mother Fox, neither open the box to watch, and can’t wait for a long time, it should be quietly listening to the mother’s movement. If you hear the sound of the porny fox, the mother fox is quiet in the line, this shows that the production is smooth; if you hear the parents whispered, Mother Fox is annoying in the box or cage is irritating. Initial box, this Motherlf is likely to have a diet, should immediately look at the situation in the box, if there is a virgin letter, immediately take the Fox, find other births close to the mother fox. After taking the boy, the fox is needed to use the homewhere of the mother, the shamp, or the manure, after half an hour, after the smell of the rage is contaminated with the smell of the mother, you can put the parents in the nest, pay attention to the action should be stable. It is not too kind to attack the buds. (518 farming technology network finishing)
(3) Postpartum care
1. After childbirth, 3 days of mother fox started to increase, and most of them quickly escort when no one was quiet, and immediately returned to production Care in the box. At this time, the anti-inflammatory drug should be added to the feed and prevent the occurrence of breastitis. To increase the vastness of Pensia.You can feed the compound new Nonoming, 2 tablets each, 2 times a day, for 3 days. When feeding, you should be added, preferably 2 fresh eggs per day to increase the quality of the milk water, so that the voyam is rapidly growing.
2. Pay attention to the observation of Mother Fox and Pepsia to see if there is an unusual situation of umbilical cords to wind or umbilical cords around the tail of Mother Foors. If there is, it can be handled in time to reduce mortality, and improve the survival rate. If you find that Person fox fell out of the iron cage, or the fox in the iron cage and the mother fox didn’t know how to squat, and the breeder can put on the clean glove to put the Pepsin.
3. If the amount of mother fox is suddenly decreased, it is uneasy, and the time in the iron cage is longer. At this time, it should open the box to observe the fox. In this case, most of them are the pigs and death, should be treated accordingly. .
4. If the mother’s mouth is not disconnected, it is frequent in the box, and there is a fear, which is that Mother Fox is scared. At this point, Mother Fox should be closed in the box and keep the environment quiet, and the mother fox can return to normal after 2 hours.
5. For the number of numerals, the number of days can be found, the mother is better, the feeding volume is large, and the milk flying flying flying to the milk is as previously described.
6. For the birth of the buddhist, because the birth of the fetus fetus is eaten by Mother Fox, it is very small in the postpartum 1 to 3 days, some or even hunger strike, the breeder will only hear the chest of the chest of the chest. Explain that the mother is strong and does not have to worry about the amount of food. However, it should be noted that no matter whether the female fox is eating or not, it should be kept in the cage, and the food is guaranteed to be fresh and hygienic until normal feeding.

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