Feeding method of different ages

Scientific breeding pet dog advocates that a reasonable feeding method is developed according to the age stage of the dog’s actual growth, and the different needs of different ages. Parents who have raised Big dogs are very clear, and the pirates are in young, adults, and old age, the physical status is different, and the demand for the environment of the living environment is different. u=3017044565,1876541835&fm=26&gp=0.jpg

In the childhood period, this stage belongs to the key period of dog growth, the growth of the picker needs a large number of nutrients to supply, and the young dogs are relatively Vulnerability, so pay special attention when feeding. It should be feeding according to the principle of less eaten meals, and it is necessary to prepare some nutritious balance, which is easy to absorb digestive food. Such as professional puppies, dogs, etc. Other stimulatory, cold frozen foods don’t eat puppies.

The key period of bone development growth during the Big Dogs. In addition to normal feeding, it is necessary to regularly use dogs to do physical examination, reasonably add calcium and other nutrients to ensure that dog’s skeletal can healthily develop, avoiding skeletal diseases such as X, O-type legs. .

When the Big Board was adult, its body became strong, and of course the functions of the body have also becomes tenacious. At this point, parents do not need to give special care of the dog, according to the feeding method of the adult dog, it can be quantified daily. Other calcium, etc., unless necessary, other calcium, etc. can be exempted. Every day, as long as the amount of dog movement is sufficient, the diet is healthy.

The Big dog began to enter the elderly when I was 7 years old. As the age is getting more and more big, the nutrients of the dog’s body will slowly lose, and the whole state begins to aging. At this stage, the diet should prepare some professional dog food that is easy to digest and nutritious. It is also reasonable guidance of the galler in life to participate in sports, so you can exercise the dog’s body, improve your body resistance, slow down Dog aging process.

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