Feeding Pasta

u=2626588449,253509500&fm=26&gp=0.jpg Bagogi’s body structure, gastrointestinal structure, eating habits are too large, and other animals have too much difference. The Bago is one of the very popular pet dogs at present. In the process of feeding, it is necessary to pay attention to the doodle safety of the dog.

Of course, in the process of feeding Pasta, what we need to pay attention to we can refer to the following:

    First, every day Time, quantitative feeding. During the puppies, the number of times feeding daily should be more (less food, avoid dog gastrointestinal discomfort); adult Bagogi gastrointestinal function is very sound, feeding 1-2 times a day; and wait until the Bagogi old age At the time, its gastrointestinal function will slowly decline, so the principle of feeding should still stick to less food.

  • Second, the food that feeds the Bango should be a professional dog food, or the dog food made in accordance with the scientific dog recipe. Dog foods, such as dog food, dog biscuits, snacks, etc. The parents can also make themselves, then DIY dog food. If you buy some fresh pig beef, large boones, etc., to do some delicious food for dogs.
  • Third, in addition to paying attention to the diet of the Bagog every day, drinking water also needs special attention. Every day, you should replace fresh drinking water for the dog. Of course, the pots of drinking water also need timely cleaning and disinfection.

  • The food that the most suitable Pakagi eating should be professional dog food. As for those leftovers of humans, other animals (rat grains, rabbit grains, cat food), etc., these are not suitable for dogs. When feeding Pasta, parents must not figure out trouble, greed will give dogs for other categories of food.

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