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The problem of drug resistance of bacteria is getting more serious, and scientists around the world are actively looking for antibiotics of new types of antibiotics. Scientists from Washington University found that gallium can reduce the harmful bacteria in mice by destroying bacteria.

Washington University scientific research team uses an intrinsic defense mechanism in the biological body, which uses different different conventional practices. Scientists at Washington University found that metal gallium can kill bacteria in mice by interfering with bacteria. This results completed by the University of Washington University, Iowa University, and Cincinnati University will be published on International Well-Hong Kong Journal “Journal of Clinical Investigation”, reference information: J Clin Invest. 2007; 117 (4): 877-888.

Pradeep Singh, Associate Professor, Medical and Microbiology, Washington University, said: “Between bacteria and hosts, iron is a key factor. The body has an effective mechanism to ensure that the body is not supplied to the body iron element, and the invading bacteria It must be iron. “

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Iron is important for bacteria, and they also have the ability to form biofilms. Yukihiro Kaneko, University of Washington, said: “Because iron is very important in the process of bacterial infection, we believe that the interference of iron elements will have a serious impact on bacteria.” In order to prove this point of view, the research team uses a kind of iron similar Very strong metal – gallium Ga.

“SingH Professor introduction:” Gallium is like Trojan, because it is similar to the height of the iron, it will absorb the bacteria that can be absorbed. But in the bacterial cells, gallium can’t play the role of iron. “Gallium energy Prevent the formation of biofilms and kill bacteria. Gallium also has a good effect on chronic infections caused by some bacteria with strong drug resistance.
BRAD, Cincinnati University, USAThe idea of ​​this use gallium alternative iron antibacterial in LEY BRITIGAN has been confirmed in animal experiments. The experimental results show that this new type of new treatment of bacterial infections is more effective in targeting the problem of bacterial resistance. At the same time, the Korean Agricultural Association has been implemented in multiple breeding sectors in many farming sectors in recent years in recent years in recent years.

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