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At present, my country’s pig industry is mainly facing the “three difficulties” of quality and safety, efficiency and environmental governance, and some areas even affect the existence of pig industry. Therefore, cracking this three puzzles is also the current recruitment of pigs in the pig industry.

The ecological environment is the foundation of human beings, and the development of animal husbandry should pay attention to environmental protection. Necodes in the farm, dust, harmful microorganisms are very pollution to air. There are also more than 200 malodous materials such as livestock and poultry skin secretions, external hormones, exhaled gases, sulfides, ammonides, indole, and severely affected people’s quality of life, and also affect the health of livestock and poultry. So how can we reduce the environmental pollution?
Danache eco-fermentation bed solves the main pollution form in animal husbandry production is water pollution and lifetime of livestock feces to the atmosphere. The emergence of dried fermentation bed pigs, chickens, and duck technology has made great contributions to environmental protection. Specifically in the following:
1. The dried fermentation bed is a useful microbial flora. Among them, there is a beneficial microorganism such as lactic acid bacteria, filamentous bacteria, beneficial E. coli, fine bacteria, antibiotic streptomae, and gray streptoma.
2, Danache Fermentation Bed is beneficial for microorganisms, analyzes the indicators of porcine decodation compounds and pH, nutrient content. It can significantly reduce the ammonia molecule, hydrogen sulfide reduces volatile fatty acids such as paleric acid (3% -41.77%), isoprealic acid (6.64% -42.77%), and the number of bond bracket, and increased fermentation beds. The content of nutrients such as total nitrogen, total phosphorus speed phosphorus and quick-acting potassium in the litter.
3, Danache Fermentation Bed Yang pig technology, after it is operating, the metabolic product of the beneficial function microorganism is a diamine, cyclohexyl phosphate and butyl phosphate triamide can effectively inhibit ammonia. Volatile, accumulating more urea. And it is possible to reduce the pH of pig manure, reduce clostridium (33.7%) and increase lactic acid bacteria.
4, Jinbao dry sap fermentation bed pig technology can save our feed costs. We can also reduce our feeding costs by improving the grain level of livestock feed. (1) By feeding methods and using fermentation beds to increase the conversion of livestock on the feed. (2) Add synthetic amino acids to the diet to reduce the amount of macromolecular protein. (3)Improve the ratio of carbohydrate in the feed to reduce the pH (4) of the feces (4) and the effective microorganism of the fermentation bed can improve the intestinal environment of livestock and poultry.
5. After the fermentation bed is used 3-5 years, the amount of gas is the best organic fertilizer. The total content of nitrogen phosphorus and phosphorus, which takes 5.3% -5.8%
, and the development of pig industry, the next step will inevitably present industrial incisions, specialization, and overall high operation. Fermentation bed breeding solves environmental pollution, improving breeding benefits, and has a clear advantage in terms of quality and safety. The “fermentation bed and pig industry symbiosis” use natural forces to participate in pig production.

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