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Pregnancy attention:
Beast Nutrition = Self-metabolism + normal growth development of fetus in the body + postpartum milk storage nutrition = maintenance + production.
1 Standard, 貉子 protein is 35-45 g / day, such as the breeding feed of 2.5 two, protein is 30 grams, after 45 days of pregnancy, the beast is free to eat, try more to give food.
It is recommended to feed 3 times or increase the nutrient concentration. Breeding Recommendation + Yibei Duobao + Egg (Fish, etc.).
The whole price, fresh, strong, easy to digest; variety, stable (replacement of lactation feed).

2 Drinking water.
3, pregnancy environmental requirements: do a good job in cage and environmental sanitation; keep the coil and quiet, absolutely eliminate running beasts; avoid excessive darkness and moisture.

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