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First, drinking water standards
1. 3% of the 3% glucose water into the water line in front of 0.5-1 hours.

2. Tap the water tube 4-5 times / column, guide the chick, especially the small seedlings.

3. The consequences of the good drink: chick dehydration, 3-4 days of death peaks, and poor appetite, the overall size is not uniform, and eventually affects the average body weight.

Second, Food Standard

1-2 hours of chicken into the material line or open disk;
adds a material every 2 hours, now many places are high Density, at the same time, it is also very good to open water and breeding technology.
Third, Temperature Management Standard
The temperature of the chicken is decreasing to 28 ° C to 30 ° C, try to approach the temperature in the transportation vehicle;
After putting the chicken into the cultivation, the rising temperature is around 34 ° C. Then increase with the age of 3 ° C per week
The temperature is a ventilation basis, and the temperature adjustment should comply with the adaptability of different aged chicken groups.
Four, humidity management standard
The most suitable humidity of chicks is 65% -70%, down 5% per week, until 40% -45%, good humidity helps prevent eggs to dehydrate, reduce respiratory tract The occurrence of diseases.
Five, ventilation management standards
1, 0-3 Natural ventilation gas.
At 2, 4 days begins to ventilate, with the increase of the increase in the increase of days, the general situation is only increased, otherwise it will directly affect the intake.
3, in the summer, the maximum ventilation is used, and the minimum ventilation is used in winter.
(Winter) Body weight Kg × 0.0155m / sec ÷ 风 Drain exhaust power 70% = Determine the number of fan and open shutdown time

(summer) shaft weight Kg × 0. 155m / Seconds, 70% of the exhaust power of the fan = determine the number of fan and the shutdown time

4, the wind must be avoided when the wind is blown, avoiding the thief.

Sixth, feeding management standards

1, 0-7 free feeding, maximize weekend weight.

2, 8 days begins with net trough, 10-24 age-proof restrictions (Restricted forage is one of the key methods of reducing the meat ratio, increasing the survival rate, reducing the drug fee.

3, 24, can compensate for growth, fast feeding daily.

4, cage of chicken pellets: 1 hour after addition of 2 hours and after the addition.

Seven, drinking water management standards

1. Drinking system problems are not overnight, should be handled immediately.

2, drinking water nipple 4 days check once timely replacement; the water line is bouled once a week; the filtration cup rinsed daily.

3, drinking water nipple position, water pressure, and directly affect drinking water.

When the chicken seedlings, the nipples and mesh (pads) 8-250px;

0-2 days old, the chicken is 30-45 degrees with the nipple; water pressure 125px;

3-5 days old chicken is 45-60 degrees with the nipple; water pressure 8-250px;

7-43 years old chicken with nipple is 60-80 degrees Corner; water pressure increased by 25px daily after 8 days of age, to 25 days;

summarizes: chicks and eyes, chicks and heads, be chicken and crown.

8, daily management

1. Focus: temperature, humidity, water line, water pressure, ventilation, external weather change …

2, pay attention to chicken: chicken Behavior, spirit, feces, appetite (touchable) … ..

3, data record: Data finishing, which is set up with nickeese, regular weigh.

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