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According to the related characteristics of rabbit feed resources in my country, the following five feed formulations on commercial rabbits are summarized in the process of farmers in the process of farming commodity rabbit. The farmers can choose the formula for yourself according to their own culture to increase the benefits of rabbit breeding.
Formulation 1
The main components and the content are as follows: wheat is 15%, the corn surface is 5%, the drumper is 20%, the bean cake is 10%, the dishes is 8%, the pine powder is 5%, 15%, malt roots are 10%.
Formulation 2
The main ingredients and the content are as follows: the carrier is 25%, corn is 8%, the bean cake is 10%, the bean cake is 15%, the first borrowing is 20%, the blue rose is 20%, inorganic Salt and vitamin additives are 2%. Extramine is added to 100 grams per fifty gram feed. –
Formulation 3
The main ingredients and the proportion of the proportion of 15%, the barley is 15%, the corn is 10%, the bean cake is 8%, the dishes are 8%, the first borrow powder is 10%, the rice powder is 20.5%, 8%, 7% silkworms, inorganic salts and vitamin additives.
Formulation 4
Main ingredients and proportions are: soybean cakes 8%, dishes 5%, fish powder 2%, silkworm 2 %, Corn 16%, rice 12%, 30% mortal, 10% mortal, 12% of rice, 11% straw powder, 2% 0
formula 5
, The proportion is: 15% wheat, 5% corn sides, 20% drums, 10% of the bean cake, 8% of the dishes, 5% pine powder, 15%, malt root 10%.
These formulations have been verified by experts, and the ratio of feed is still relatively rational, the effect is remarkable, and it is hoped that the breeding household can choose according to the conditions, improve economic benefits.
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