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First, supplement nutrition should be timely.
Increase the animal protein raw material in the feed, double the addition of a variety of vitamins to supplement nutrients. Generally, the nutrient level of autumn duck sunset is a crude protein 18%, methionine 0.3%, lysine 0.7%, crude fiber 8%, calcium calcium and 0.6%.
The second is reasonable feeding.
The amount of feeding of autumn ducks should be depends on the egg yield of the duck group, such as more than 50% of the egg yield of the duck, can add more materials. Otherwise, some green feeding can be feeding or increase the amount of bran in the fine material while reducing the amount of carbohydrate raw material.
The third is to maintain a suitable environment.
The physiology of egg ducks, the habits of life, and the environment of their lives must be played in a playful pool, and there is a dry activity site. The water depth of the pool should be above 1.5 meters and water quality, and some fine sand should be paved. Egg duck is strong in autumn, so it is very sensitive to the environment, so don’t change the feed ingredient easily. If you need to change, it should be less than much, gradually transition, and do not change the feeding method or change the technical operation procedure. If the temperature is too high, you can extend the time of the duck group resting under the tree or increase the number of ducklocks.

4 is to increase the light.
Insufficient illumination in autumn is easy to cause the egg duck egg yet, and two sets of lighting can be set in the house to supplement the light. One of them is 15 tiles of light bulbs, used in duck groups, another set of 60 watts of bulbs, used to feed duck groups and stimulate duck group activities.
Fifth is to force the feathers.
The time of the duck group naturally changed to about 150 days, and it can be planned to implement forced saving feathers during production to shorten its day. It should be noted that the day before the implementation of enforcement, you can’t take a bath to avoid infection.
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