Flu, the gospel of blue ear disease, canical

Product Features:
1. Pure Chinese medicine extraction, quick absorption, complete
2. Easy to use, lactic acid bacteria fermentation, increase the efficacy of 25 times.
Functional Indications:
1. Strong, high thermal diseases such as flu, blue ear disease, etc.
2. Improve the pig’s own removal, repair anti-infectience ability, and effectively remove the sub-health caused by multiple factors.
3. It can be widely used in the prevention and treatment of various plaque diseases, respiratory diseases.
Prevention: 100G mixture or drinking water 500-1000 kg. Treatment: Pig 1g / day, Chinese pig 2g / day, large pig 3g / day, twice a day, with 5-7 days.
[Packaging Specifications] 100g / bottle * 30 bottles / piece

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