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In January, the focus of Fox Fair
Dao Xia, everyone, the new year will start now! Here, remind everyone, don’t forget to take care of our families!

In December, it has been done in worms (insects, drone parasites, mites), and entered January, which should start a vaccination. Dogs will be done in the virus, and the small virus seedlings must be done.
Don’t forget to add a synergist! I heard that some places in the popular pseudohavis disease, you can consider playing a fake rabies vaccine, winter immunization, homes, foxes, 貉, 貉, do not leave the dead end.

In the feed, “small materials” began to feed “small materials” can also be used by additives such as Ve, Va, or cod liver oil, trace elements. It can be used continuously.
Do not simply seek low price using self-ingredients, pay attention to nutrients, reasonable, horizontal, pay attention to the addition ratio of animal feed. Pay attention to the safety hygiene of feed.
To prevent disease and control inflammation, some antibacterial anti-inflammatory drugs: Amoxicillin, Ennohaxing, etc. Some can be mixed in the feed, and use 3 — 5 days, interval for 10 days, with a course of treatment. Some are injective in the production or in the process.
Prepare a little aphrolic Chinese medicine and improved immunity, preventing a little delayed application, doing a good cool winter, start to buy some high-quality straw, to prepare a slim.
Everyone is prepared, carefully feeding, and there must be a good benefit in the coming year!

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