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Head-and-mouth disease is very harmful to the pig, which will bring serious economic losses to the farm, and some breeding friends have reacted that when the anti-mouthpow, it has found that the more therapeutic loss is, in fact It is possible to enter the misunderstanding in the prevention and treatment of pig mouth.

The habit of pig practitioners “seek diseases”, in addition to aggressive stress and accelerate the speed of propagation (more only Pigs use a needle, the operator as a media, there is no more help.

If some anti-allergic compound formulations such as anthropocetine, dexamethasone, etc. are injected, and there is no doubt that the animal’s cellular immune function will decrease.
2, the vaccine

The vaccine is used for preventing disease is not used for treatment.

When the pig is in the pathogenesis, the pig is tantamount to the snow, which will only accelerate the death of pigs.
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