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for specific developments in recirculating aquaculture industry, I believe that the system vendor’s feelings should be very deep, but also has enough right to speak, especially one already in In the circulating water industry, it has been operating for more than a decade of companies.
More than a decade is enough for a small boy to grow into a man Han, persistence, cultivation, root, growth, now Guangzhou Zhonghang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Aviation”) has a certain in the industry The influence, and they are already in making greater layout. Workshop (

When arrived at China, it is hard to imagine that this is a high-tech industry company, but it can also be seen from these details. Don’t look at the gate of Pu Tutong, it is another world of walking into it. Even on the weekend is also busy production, materials and products that need to be assembled everywhere. People who don’t know, I have seen it hard to think about it is a aquatic equipment manufacturing company. But I don’t know, it is this company, their circulating water breeding system has been in Southeast Asia, Australia, Japan, Africa, and is settled in the Middle East near Europe. One of the person in charge of China Airlines (Left)

without the background, starting with one of the person in charge of China Airlines in overseas markets, the Sinon Ming Ming manager responsible for the market development is the hot development of overseas business. At the same time, although it is proud, it is also slightly helpless: “Because we have no background, the big boss doesn’t matter, so there is nothing in the background, if you want to survive, you only have the real dry, improve product quality, improve service awareness. Others can easily rely on relationships, receive the project to operate, earn the basin bodies, we can only drink soup next to it, let our products help others list. Even if we were shouting to bid However, when we face our generations of business competition, we try to choose avoidance. So when we start to do the market, it is aiming at overseas. “Showing the customer,”

Overseas The market has also been able to get the wind under the cultivation of China Airlines. “In overseas markets, compared with the products of Europe and the United States, domestic product cost ratio is higher.” Su Songming said, “If there is no price-cost advantage, under the same conditions, they must be more willing to use Europe and America, and the famous fame of Europe and America is larger. Some. But Europe and the United StatesDon’t expens, so even if the same parts are put, there will be cost advantages. In addition, the system of Europe and the United States is not perfect. If you are willing to invest, use good materials, the quality of domestic products will not be poor. And the export barriers are not imagined, as long as it is not an export-limited product, it is basically zero tax. “

The enthusiasm of domestic civil breeding in the past two years is rising.” From 2016, people in China have turned into factories from other industries to factory chemical circulating water. ” “Sizzaming introduces the road,” Now our domestic customers, many of them turn from other industries, and they are very enthusiastic about circulating water, also very optimistic. “
With China’s economic development, China’s population dividend has begun to appear weak, and the labor costs have risen sharply. The status of” China Manufacturing “is facing the threat of products produced by places in Southeast Asia, South America,” export transfer “sales” The slogan also shouted. “Supply Side Reform” is also officially proposed since 2015, China’s domestic economy began to adjust the structure, and upgraded transformation. Perhaps ordinary people have not very clear feelings, but I want to have this A phenomenon – there are more rich people around, but there is no good investment project.


Agriculture as a country’s foundation, especially China is Population big country, agriculture is the national life of the country. Although many people can’t see agriculture, hard work, fatigue, earning less, but many rich people are very good afterniotic. Also, with the management of domestic markets, many real estate Enterprises are forced to transform, these bosses are also very high for the enthusiasm of the aquatic industry. Not only the big capital has begun to lay out, many individual bosses have also or prepared to begin to intervene in this industry.
There is no doubt that these foreign users are engaged in Aquaculture is very foreign, but Su Songming said: “We have a fixed system, which is also designed for a small system designed for customers who have just started, low, technical requirements are also low, do not need to make what infrastructure, can let Customers can be put into production quickly, and they can be completed from the orders from the order to put into production, and those who have no cultured experience are also very high. “It is also difficult for this expression that it is also very difficult to find out, because some extent, this is also possible.
Suffssin added:” These transformations come over, the most beginningWill try to use our standard small system to practice, but use small systems generally not much profit, but can guarantee the cost of 3-4 years to collect. Want to make money, it is best to carry out scale breeding. “

Patent certificate
Customers who breed name special varieties, because special needs will use circulatory water farming.” A customer of our cultivar fish, has purchased 3 sets of systems There will be 3 sets of systems later. “Su Songming said that this customer shared a very important data,” Because this fish is not the indoor circulating water culture conditions, it can only be one or two, and the use of indoor circulating water farming is only a year. One or two, the foot is a year, this cost gap is very big. “

Preparing to engage in domestic demonstrations, exploiting the market” Our first factory is actually in Huangpu District, but the scene is small, move to here, moving and finding it is not big enough. At the peak of production, our materials, products, products, products, not only in the case, not only, there is also comments around. Therefore, it is necessary to move to a larger factory building, and now I am looking for a place, and the rules will be moved at the end of 2018. “Su Songming said.
For the author laughing said that China Aviation has earned a lot of money in these years, Susongming replied:” We must make money! ” It is our current foreign market, so we dare to say that we are not making money by the project, but through the money earned by the market. “

The interior of the workshop
” The domestic development of the two years is very fast, the state attaches great importance to environmental protection, many of the cage breeding is demolished, and many people go to the aquaculture, so the domestic market is very large. “Su Songming said,” But the domestic general people have doubts about the circulating water system, and it is really difficult to promote. So we also want to transform, demonstrate through yourself. Now finding the base, I want to build a farm. “
But Soviet Ming also honestly:” But it is still hesitating. Because agricultural land is not hardening, it is more difficult to use large system to solve the problem, and our current engineers are also carrying a new way, that is, non-curturing solves the problem. In addition, if you choose industrial land, the electricity charge is very high, it is not cost-effective. But now I have roughly determined that in Panyu or find a large breeding demonstration area in Nansha. One partyThere is enough plant in the face, and it can be very close to the farming base. “

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