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It is also a season that should be vaccinated by the breasts! How do you take your own animals before your needle? Is there a precautions during the injection? How can I receive the best effect? To this end, we deliberate “ forty-eight-character cheats” . The first is to make a lot of age, lay the foundation. Guiding the farmer to seriously record the birth time and date of the beast, resolutely correct the calculation method of the seedlings in the past, “a knife cut” practice is good.
The second is to remove insects in time, purify in advance. The group of parasitic diseases in the group were examined in the 30 days before the 30 days ago. According to the situation, it was used to prepare a generally deworming of anti-parasitic drugs such as ketarazole, Ivoi.
The third is reasonable medication and reduction in suppression. Before immunization, after 7-14 days, try not to make the chemical drugs such as strong plain, fluorini, sulfonama, etc., etc., etc., do not feed additives containing the above drugs. , Feed, etc. Even if you don’t take medicine, you should carefully remove the medicine under the guidance of the veterinary.
The fourth is a batch, paying attention to science. Strictly based on the age of the beast, refer to the first immunization time of the young mul, the first immunization time of 45-50 days, adhere to the age of a batch, no exception, After do not drag, try to solve the hidden dangers brought by “a knife”.
Fifth is a must-beast, strictly prevent infection. Through experimental verification, the 600-1000 needle head is divided into two groups, two groups of injection, boiled disinfection rotation operation, not only cut off the direct infective pathway of various types of pathogens, but also protect individuals. Safe, and it is easy to fill.
Sixth is the first two times, strengthen the answer. Guide farmers to correctly understand and establish the concept of creative immunization from two immunization, and constantly improve the level of importance to the premiere of the beast, the second immunity is carried out on the 15th after the first immunization of the beast. Complete premium procedures, enhanced the healthy production of the east, and guarantee the health production of the beast.

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