Four kinds of cats introduction

timg (2).jpg The type of cat is divided into many kinds, and the body is naturally different. Today we will introduce four cats.

  1. Short-legged (short fat): Persian cat is a representative variety of short body. Short body, shoulder and waist circumference, body strength. The maximum feature is that the head is round, the tail is short, and the paw is round. In addition to the Persian Cat, foreign shorthair cats, Burmese cats, hirazza cats, manda cats, etc. are also here.
  2. Semi-short-legged: Overall, approximate short-legged, but half-short-legged limbs, body, tail must be a little longer. Although the paw is also round, it is not as big as the short-legged short leg. American Shorthair Cat, American Strife Cat, Corhoe Cat, Chardler Cat, Singapore Cat, Scottish Fold Cat, Selke Volley Cat, British Short Mao Cat, Bangladesh Cat, Mangcan Cat, Europe Short-haired cats, Scottish Fair, etc., are all semi-short-legged varieties.
  3. Foreign type:

  4. Slim and chic foreign type. But compared with the same slim oriental, it is not as thin as the orientation. Abethian Cat, European Blue Eye Cat, Naibei Long Mao Cat, Russian Blue Cat, etc., is a ratio cat. Semi-foreign:
  5. The semi-exterior type is exactly the type between the orientation and the short body. The head is a slightly rounded wedge type, and the body is slightly short and strong. American curly cat, Egyptian cat, snow shoe cat, Canadian Mao Mao, Sninden Cat, Dongqi Ni Cat, etc. belongs to this type.

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