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The fox has a high economic value. Its main product fox skin, which belongs to large capillary, has the advantages of tough wear resistance, soft and convenient, and aesthetic. It is a high-quality raw material for the production of lens, hats, pikaquin. How to raise reasonably, let it create higher value, should grasp the following 4 points. First, grab the excellent breeding of breeding. In the breeding of foxes, try to perform high-quality breeding as “reference matter” as “reference matter”: 1, the selection is small, the growth is fast, the leather is strong, and the anti-disease can be strong, the fluff can stand a variety of blue foxes on the shelf. Color foxs to meet the needs of the market to fox skin. 2, the selection is large, the reproductive rate is high, good breeding, bright and bright, and the fox of excellent fluff varieties are adapted to the market. For a selection of seed foxs, choose a good species, do not leave a pro-species, eliminate poor species, ensure the purity and quality of foxes. Second, grasp the timely breeding. The fox’s breeding period is only 1 time a year, the time is relatively strong, and it will be empty when it is. Usually we must observe, master the characteristics of the changes in the fox cycle of the publicmother, strictly master the estrus period of the female fox, and timely give the female fox, according to the individual breeding ability and characteristics of the public cavity, reasonably prepare the plastic plan. In the palmation time, the fox environment should be quiet, and the public cavity should add nutritious animal feed to ensure that the public cava has a healthy physical condition and good semen quality. Third, grasp reasonably breed. According to the biological characteristics of the fox season reproduction, changing the biological characteristics, the year can be divided into 8 different feeding periods such as breeding period, pregnancy, and different periods of feeding management. For example, in the pregnancy of Mother Fox, the supply of diet should be nutritious, fresh food, good premium, and appropriate feeding. Silver fox pregnancy pregnancy is 550 k cards ~ 600 kcal, animal feed accounts for 65% ~ 70%; the heat of feed in the late pregnancy is 700 k cards ~ 750 kcal, animal feed accounts for 70% ~ 75%, each Just 600 grams per day ~ 700 grams. Arctic fox is 700 k cards ~ 850 k cards, animal feed accounts for 70% to 75%, and the mouth is 700 grams to 800 grams. If it is fed, it will cause the fetus to absorb, and there is a pregnancy accident such as dead tires, rotten tires, abortion. Fourth, catch epidemic prevention. Canine distemper, viral enteritis, viral encephalitis These three major infectious diseases can be said to be “gratitude” affecting the normal growth of foxes, and there are also common diseases such as gastroenteritis, colds, pneumonia. For these should take anti-weight, prevention and treatment, to prevent the main policy. Strengthen the veterinary hygiene and epidemic prevention system, cut off the passage of the external pathogenWay; strict feed quality inspection At the same time, pay attention to the cleaning and hygiene of the foxes and disinfect regularly.
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