Four ways to pick Siamese cat

The Siamese cat is usually sensitive, love is clean, curious, and not called. The personality of the kitten is like a child, and it is very interesting to see it. There are many options in pet supplies, and you can save money. The tin foil paper of the cigarette, or a paper without ink into a group can be used as a football. Rope, bell, shopping bags, cartons don’t have to spend big money, it can be very pleasant. timg (11).jpg
First, the Siamese cat’s appearance characteristics

Medium medium, long slim. The bone is thin, the muscles are solid. Neck long, body length, tail long. From the shoulder to the hip, it is cylindrical. The abdomen is compact but not. The muscular muscle is strong, and the shoulder is wide. Sikiki, coordination. The forelimb is slightly shorter than the post. Medium cat, body weight 2.5-5.5 kg

The elongate is a wedge. The header is flat, from the side, the top of the head is straight in the nose. The face is pointed, and the tip is protected from the tip of the tip to the ear tip. The nose is high and straight, from the nose to the tip of the ear, the equilateral triangle. Two cheeks thin, teeth are scissilized. The ear is large, the base is wide, the ear is tip, it is upright. In the case of size, the almond shape is blue, or dark or shallow. The extension line from the inner eye angle to the tip is formed with the ear tip. Ophthalmoid. The tail is thin, and the tag is rogue. The length is equal to the hind limbs. Good flexibility, muscle developed, slim, long angular corner, leg fine. The palm is very small and the elliptical. The tail is long and beautiful, the tip pointer.

  • 1. Check the Mao: Touching a kitten being haired The texture, is it smooth, is there any tangle, find a flea or other pest.
  • ⒉ Check the ear: The ear of the kitten should be cleaned and dry, and to confirm that there is no fantasy in the ear.
  • 3. Check the eyes and nose: The third eyelid is not protruding; the eyes should be cleaned, bright; the nose should be moist.
  • 4. Check the mouth and teeth:

  • Healthy kitten oral is pink, teeth, white, gums no inflammation. 5. Check the anus:
  • set off the tail of the cat, find a diarrheasign. The anus should be cleaned, there is no need.

  • 6. Check the abdomen: lightly touch the lower part of the cat. The abdomen should be slightly rounded, and it is not hard. Try to have a lump (phenomenon of hernia), then let the cat let the cat move freely to see if it is lame.
  • Third, choose the method of healthy Siamese cat

1. The appearance is neat, lively and angry, flexible movement, feel when using hand Weight is the weight than the premonition;

2. Open your mouth, oral, total bed and tongue are light red, the teeth are normal, there is no special odor;

3. Cat Clean and undilight. If the cat is constantly grasping the ears, or if the head is, it may have been infected with the ear;

  • 4. The nose is slightly red and humid, the tip of the nose should be cold and moist, nostrils There is no nasal or secretions around;
  • 5. The eyes should be clear, bright, no secretions, the corner should not reveal the third eyelid (many cats have a third eyelid);
  • 6. The body is stylish, the muscles are strong, the limbs are thick and not bending, walking is normal, pulling the legs with legs;
  • 7. The abdomen should be slightly round, the hand does not feel the rib, if the cat abdomen If you swindle, it is possible to be a symptom of azer infection or peritonitis. The kitten belly is slightly protruding is normal;
  • 8. The hair around the anus is clean, the anus is not stained;
  • 9 The health indicators of the pupils are most embodied in the hair. Healthy died hair should have gloss, fluffy, hair upright. If the hair of the pupil is mixed, it means that it has been infected, or it has been got to be cured, so that such a cat is best not to choose;
  • 10. Hearing the sound, there is a reaction, Take a strong appetite, smell the meat flavor has a strong appetite
  • ;

  • Fourth, the living conditions required to breed Siamese cat

  • Siamese cat training: like a child, the smaller the start, the better before one year, and it is more difficult to grow.

Health habits:

The first week of the original, often hugged into the sandbasin, holding its double front limbs. Or stimulate the yin and the anus with a cotton rod, let it drain, leave the odor. When the timing is eaten, after getting up, or seeing a behavior that it is in place. Cat is clean, don’t take a bath, and it’s extreme water, please dry with the wet cloth, if you want to wash, it is usually tame it may become irritability. If you use the dry cloth to dry or use the dryer. If you use a hair dryer, the result may make you unexpectedly.

Living habits:

If it does not allow it to get on the table, it should be stopped and rebuked.

Grasping furniture:

Cat has a jewel habit, which can only be used to transfer to the grinding plate. Such as plastic wardrobes, sofas …, etc., the surface is slightly rough. In addition to it cuts toenail every week, it is not wanting to catch the bad furniture, such as moon calendar, acrylic, etc. If it is still unable to accommodate this habit, do not barely breed, (for both parties). Toys:

The personality of the kitten is like a child, and it is very interesting to see it. There are many options in pet supplies, and you can save money. The tin foil paper of the cigarette, or a paper without ink into a group can be used as a football. Rope, bell, shopping bags, carton, box, no need to spend money, it can be very pleasant.

Snub: Cat sand is not installed (half the following is good), otherwise you have to sweep. Always clear sandbasins, lest cats don’t dare to go to the toilet, and it is more serious than you.)

Going out: Please bring it a neck and chain, the cat exchange environment may not know, although it is also protecting it. Cats after human beings, due to policies that the government’s garbage does not land will cause their foraging difficulties, please do not cause the two sides of the lifelong regret for a moment.

Cat is a wild animal, sexual freedom, no time to Meng Si or water bed, can be built, if it is not sick, do not long-term in the cage or Space, otherwise there will be no sickness.

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