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The technique of fox fox estrus and breeding should be dotted whether the beast is successful during the breeding period, and should master the following key technical links. 1. Correctly identify estrus symptoms. The typical symptom of the fox is: keep moving in the cage network, loss of appetite, 貉 often issue “” “call, showing the desire to show, foxes often send a long call. The mother beast also manifesses urinary frequency, the urine is light yellow, the labell is thickened, the color is deep, the vagina flows out of white mucus; the beast has become warm, the tail is often touched, willing to be with the mother and beast. It is found that the above performance can be placed. At the same time, it should also pay attention to hidden estrus symptoms, that is, the mother beast is estrus, but in the appearance behavior is not obvious, at this time, it is necessary to pay special attention to this mother and beast. It is necessary to carry out the trial, leak-proof, this is often It is easy to neglect. 2. Appropriate breeding exchange. Some mother beasts have a vaginal observation, although there is estrus symptom, but in the place of places, this phenomenon is that the main reason is: 1. The mother beast has a genital organ inflammation. For this kind of mother beast, it is easy to cause infertility. 2, less than the best estrus, we should wait patiently, carefully observe, once the best estrus symptom is determined, and immediately breed. 3, pay attention to the choice of selection. For the evil characteristics of the estrus, the mother and beasts, to exchange spouses, often easy to succeed, but do not replace frequently, because it is easy to make the mother beast to form a disadvantage. At the same time, don’t rush to the unsolicient beasts, so as not to bite. 3, pay attention to identify the true and false misconstruction. The true match is more likely to be identified, because the fox is mating with the dog, the duration is more than half an hour; but the 貉 is different, it is not easy to identify, the mood will crawling, the hip muscles, the mother is turning over After the public is separated, check the mother’s genitals and found that there is a congestion or secretion of extract, that is, the mating is successful. If the public climbs, the mother does not turn over, not called, the phenomenon without congestion, that is, the breeding is unsuccessful, should be an appropriate time to mate again. As long as you pay attention to the above points, you can grasp the estrusual timing, under the influence of the reproductive disease, it can basically guarantee a high breeding rate. Scan code for more

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