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Eggs, egg white egg white containing an antibiotic protein which can be bonded to vitamin H to lose activity. It can cause fur animal vitamin H deficiency, and the disease beast has skin inflammation, plush falling off, pregnant beast abortion, and weak.
Cut is complete, but the primary weight is only 1/2 of normal weight, and it will not succeed, and the mortality rate is 100%. The expression of male fox is physically malfunce, and the fox breeding period will make the semen quality low, and the death is increased, and the variety ability is low, and the empty rate is high.
An antibiotic is also called anti-suplary enzyme, which affects the digestion of the protein in the feed, causing the lack of animal proteins.
According to foreign reports, the eggs must be cooked at 91 ° C for 5 minutes to destroy the antibiotic in the egg. Eggs can also kill bacteria, prevent disease occurrence (Salmonella, etc.).
Egg Yellow to the development of smelters, sperm, egg formation and milk secretion have good promotion, preparing for the late beast, 20-25 grams, can improve the quality of semen quality promotion organ development, breeding period plus 30- 50 grams / day / only, significantly improve the performance of the behemas.
Beasts supply 20-35 grams of eggs in the dietary day food to promote lactation and improve the survival rate of the beast. During the incubation process, the waste of the egg can be used, but the deterioration of deterioration of corruption is not available, and the reproductive period does not feed egg.
What is the nutrient ingredients of the egg? Egg yolk protein is high, and the inorganic salt content is 23 times larger than the protein. The fat content is concentrated in egg yolk, accounting for about 30% of the weight of the egg yolk, and the utilization is 100%. There is almost no fat in the protein.

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