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anthracnose is acute, thermal, and septic infectious disease caused by Aprona. Slurry liquid hemorrhagic infiltration in spleen swelling, subcutaneous and lace film, is the main characteristics. The pathogens and human pathogens are anthracnogens.
The bacterium is a large bacterium in pathogenic bacteria, which is not strong, and it can be killed at 75 ° C. Generally, the disinfectant is quickly killed. However, the bacilli forming a sprout can survive more than 10 years in the soil. At 140 ° C for 3 hours under dry conditions, boiling was killed by 5 to 10 minutes by 10 to 15 minutes, 110 ° C.
1. Epidemiology
Mammal in addition to cats, dogs have the rest of the resistance. Silver black fox and Arctic fox are not easy.
Infectious sources are the bodies of death in anthrax, and they have been in the case of fox. Vampire insects and wild birds that die in the corpse of anthrax, sometimes it can also become a media.
This disease has no seasonality, and can occur in the four seasons a year, and more common in summer. If the meat feed is invaded, the fox can be swept in a short period of time, a large number of deaths occurred within 2 to 3 days. If you don’t take extinguishing measures, you can spread a lot of economic losses for a long time.
2. Clinical symptoms, the disease is longer, generally 1 to 2 days and night, other fur animal time is short, from 20 to 30 minutes to 2 to 3 hours.
Symptoms are elevated, and the breathing is shallow, fast, and the step method is unstable. The amount of drinking water is increased, abrupt, diarrhea, feces mixed with blood clots and bubbles from the anus and nostrils. Soy sauce blood sample foam. Cough, difficulty breathing, convulsions. Throat edema, generally ended in all deaths.
3. The pathological examination changes are not invisible to the body of suspected anthrax, otherwise it is easy to spread to cause death and other foxes. When diagnosis is required, the protection and various disinfection measures must be strictly made in a particular environment.
Typical changes in the examination, good nutrients, bodies, natural holes out of soy sauce blood sample foam. Visual mucosal blue violet, bodies expansion, high edema, throat lymph nipple, throat swelling. Highly high sepsis symptoms occur.
3. Diagnosis According to
clinical symptoms and pathological changes, it can be preliminary diagnosis, and diagnosis must also be taken as a bacterial and serological examination (when the bacteria examination material is corrupt and the skin is not possible. an examination). Arctic fox and silver black foxThe anthransis is similar to the sub-injury, but the vice invitation is mainly in two months of Pepsia, and there is no edema of throat and head and neck.
4. Treatment
can be used to use anthraxistan to perform specific treatment. Silver Black Fox, Northern Fox adult dosage 20 ~ 30ml, 10 ~ 15ml of the young fox. The antibiotics are penicillin, silver black fox, and the Arctic foxes 20 to 300,000 units.
5. Prevention measures
strictly check meat feed, especially the urgent livestock. When anthrax occurs in the fox, the fox has been blocked. From the last case death, it will be announced in 15 days without death. Isolation treatment for sick leaves and suspicious fox.
The dead body can’t take the skin, and they will be burned. The cage contaminated by the diseased fox with spray flames, or thoroughly disinfects with a 20% bleaching solution. The ground was mixed with 1 part of bleaching powder and 3 earth soil, followed by eradicating the ground along with the bleaching powder and buried. The breeders strictly abide by the protection system to prevent infection.

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