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1 Prepare the feeding

After the practice prove, the public cava ended from the breeding, and the mother fox came from the breast. After the birthday of the next breeding season from the end of August, it is a long-term preparation. process.
Because the public cavity is very consumed in the breastfeeding period and Mother Fox, there is a constant stage of restoring, from the end of August to early September, the sexual organ of male faihu (including the young fox) began to develop. To greet the arrival of the next breeding season.
In order to accelerate the physical recovery of the fox, after the fox breeding, the feed nutrition level is still maintained within 10-15 days of the fox breast milk.
From the end of August to early September, the Philoxet testicles and mother-in-law ovary began to develop, and the amount of feed levels should be improved. Whether it is a silver fox or the Northern fox by weight than the animal feed is not less than 65%, and the vitamin E5 ~ 10 mg is added. Only the above nutritional levels can make normal development.
Silver Black Fox began in mid-November, the Arctic fox has begun in mid-December, and has entered the key stage of preparing the treatment period. The requirements of feed nutrition can be improved, according to weight ratio, animal feed to 65% ~ 70% . Each daily vitamin E10 ~ 15mg is required to reach 30 mg when approaching the breeding. At the same time, to protect the supply of fox group drinking, drink at least 2 to 3 times a day.
2 Feeding

Mid-April to mid-April for the Blue Fox Emospheric Fox (other varieties fox or early or late). This period is the first key link of the annual management of the fox.
1 Emoticity and breeding period, every day, full view of Mother Fox, and do a good job in the estrus record before the estrus situation, and make a good munt fox. If the estrus is in, you must have a place in time before feeding. In order to achieve the exact purpose of breeding, after the initial delivery is successful, then it is 2 to 3 times. In recent years, due to the impact of heating temperate temperatures, individual mother fox has early estrus, so farming can not be taken lightly, before the Spring Festival, all Mother Fox, especially the fox, and do “Special Emission”.
2 In the estrus and breeding period, it should be appropriate to add some new meat-rasges such as nutamothelium to meet their nutritional needs. Second, don’t feed it is full or feeding the salty food, and keep your food and the field clean.
3 should keep the field in the estrus and breedingQuiet, try not to let the outsiders enter the fox, give the fox a quiet and comfortable environment. At the same time, ensure sufficient clean drinking water, and do a good job in heatstroke. Second, there is no special situation, don’t catch the fox, so as not to cause the mother-in-law.
4 In addition to supplying nutritious feed, add some appropriate amounts of vitamin E pills and fish liver milk milk in the feed to ensure the needs of fetus and fetal normal development.
3 pregnancy feeding

After the breeding, Mother Fox is in pregnancy, and the public cavity enters the physical recovery period. The central task of feeding management in the mother-in pregnancy is to ensure that the embryonic development is the most critical period of determining the success or failure. The pregnancy is happy, so keep the farmers quiet.
Fetal development is fast during pregnancy, requires a lot of nutrients, avoid feeding mildew and frozen feed to prevent miscarriage. The nutritional level of pregnancy is the highest period of the year. It has to do quality fresh, nutrition, full price, stable quality, easy digestion, and gradually improve the level of pregnancy. The weight ratio of the feed is:

fish 62%, meat, 10% of cereals, 5% vegetables; the number of dry feeding is 450g per day daily, and 23.7% water. In addition, each daily feed is added to 8 g, and 3G, and salt 0.5 g.
At the same time, it is necessary to do prenatal preparation work as soon as possible, and calculate the expected date of each female fox, and recorded in the side wall of the small chamber, 2002D from the last breeding date, that is, the expected date of delivery, in the previous week Clean the box and disinfected, lay the plast, keep the environment quiet, ready to pick up.
4 breastfeeding

The center task of fox in the production of buns is to increase the ability of Mother Fox, improve the living rate of Pearo, and promote the growth and development of Peari. .
Because of the birth of the child, the breastfeeding body consumes a lot, it is necessary to strengthen the feeding of Mother Fox. It is best to feed less, and then fed 3 times after 3D, and the timing is quantified. After 3 weeks of Penling is full of breast milk to ensure the growth and development of Penling, the amount of milk and quality of Mother Fox directly affects the development of Peny. The development of Penling is very fast, the birth is about 100g, the 10D weight can reach 1820g after the 10D weight of the birth, while replenishing at all stagesDifferent amounts of feed. When the fox is born, there is a short and thin fetus, and the fetal hair is long-stopped at 50-60 days.
Piu Yu was born 20-25D, Motherlfu milk has begun to reduce, satisfying the need for Pepsia, so Panti Hui should be supplemented by about 3 weeks, usually supplement 2 times daily, this is to reduce mother fox The burden of breastfeeding, the second is to satisfy the need for the growth and development of Pihu. The feed of Pantry fox should be rich in nutrients, easy to digest, and make fresh fish, liver, eggs, milk into paste, and make Pear.
5 Feeding

Waiting for a timely, it is conducive to the growth and development of Piu Fox and the recovery of the body of the female fox. Panyi is generally broken in the 45th day, and the whole piglets are moved from the original cage to the young cage. According to the growth and development of Peari fox, the body is strong, there is independent life ability. The body should be delayed in the body.
Before the breast fell, according to the number of fox groups, prepare the cage, food, utensils, equipment, etc., and strictly disinfection and cleaning. Breaking the breast, due to the poor living ability of Peari fox, it is easy to grow; the breast is over, and the pantry is often struggling. It will affect the growth of weakness, and waste feed. After weaning, the top 10 days of diet is still fed according to the dietary standard for breastfeeding.
During the age of 2-2 – April, the diet must contain a sufficient amount of nutrients to ensure the needs of the rapid growth of children. 7-23 weeks of age of young foxs must provide proteins that account for more than 40% of the feed dry matter, and the amount of blood and increased fat supply should be supplemented in the feed to improve the plush quality of foxes.
When the digestive protein quality in the diet period is lower than that of the metabolic energy, the body weight is growing normally, but the growth rate of body length growth is slow. The fat in the feed is fresh, and the fat oxidation will reduce the nutrient effect of essential fatty acids, and the prayer caul is easy to have yellow fat disease.
6 Prevention of disease

Fox rarely sick, but still prevent vaccination. The vaccine of the fox is generally divided into the fox group after 2 to 3 weeks, injecting a vaccine such as dog plaque, fox, viral enteritis, or a multi-submarine. The immunity accepted from the mother is gradually weakened from the mother, and the body’s immune function is not perfect. Therefore, it is necessary to addStrong anti-disease work prevents diseases from spreading through feed and drinking water. Fox common disease is mainly gastrointestitis, mostly caused by food is not clean or not fresh.
The disease is rolling, seriously affects appetite and spirit. It can be administered to the live bacteria polypeptide. Second, the furnace is easy to infect insects, and can strengthen disinfection regularly, which can be prevented. In addition, some infected foreign parasites are mainly 疥 疥. After discovering, isolation treatment is found to strengthen disinfection, so as not to infect.
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