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1. Wheat bran and fine rice bran in the Ski Day food should not exceed 20% of the total cereals, which will cause indigestion due to higher cellulose.
2, soybeans should not exceed 25% of the cereal feed in Fox, and the amount is easily diarrhea.
3, soybean pie, peanut pie, sunflower seed cake should not exceed 50% of the total cereals. Using the replacement of some animal proteins during the recovery period of the seedlings and foxs, especially the peanut cakes.
4, pox pork fed fox should not exceed 30% of animal feed and cooked at high temperatures.
5, in the fox feed, fresh bone, chicken duck rabbit skeleton, etc. can achieve 30% of animal feed.
6, lamb meat is a full-price feed of fed cavity, with 40% of the diet.
7. There is a good feeding of poultry (head intestines, etc.) is a good feed for raising cavity, which can account for 70% of animal feed in diet, and it is best to feed fish with fish.
8, livestock liver is also a full-price animal feed, and the amount does not exceed 15% of animal feed, and the breeding period is conducive to improving reproductive.
9, livestock lungs have stimulating the gastrointestinal intestines, and it is not easy to exceed 10% of animal feed. In the breeding period, the thyroid is taken, otherwise the empty rate will rise.
10, the facial gantroy is good, but the protein is not full price, and the amount can account for 30% of animal feed.
11. Blood is rich in inorganic salts, fats and proteins, but there are laxatives, and the amount of diet does not exceed 10% of animal feed; blood can be born, Chen blood should be fed.
12, fish head, fish skeleton can be fed, and the amount can accounted for 30% of animal feed.
13, cattle and sheep’s head and leg nutrients are poor, and the amount can accounted for 20% to 30% of animal feed, generally should be utilized with total feed of fish, fish powder.
14, river shrimp contains a thiomerase, is cooked, and the amount does not exceed 20% of animal feed.
15. The little butter fish is a full price of fox, which is the main animal feed of Fox Fox. Fresh sea fish should be born, not fresh sea fish and freshwater fish should be fed.
16, dried fish can accounted for 70% of the animal feed of the fox, should be fed with water, pay attention to the salted dried fish should be exchanged for 2 to 3 times, take off excess salt, Anti-salt poisoning. Dried fish often has a slight deterioration in the process of drying, so it should be fed after being cooked.
17. Blood powder does not exceed 25% of the animal feed in the feed of foxes, and there is more digestion and diarrhea.
18, silkworm chrysalis and powder can also feed the fox, dosage accounts for 20% to 35% of animal feed, and the amount of breeding period should be less, and the growth period and long boys are more.
19, fish powder is a full-price feed for raising cavity, generally use imported Peruvian fishmeal and domestic first-grade fish powder, it is best to use fresh animal feed. The amount can accounted for 60% to 80% of animal feed.

20, cattle, sheep milk nutrients, is the quality feed of the fox, using the wild grass, crop straw to raise cows, milk sheep, and let the grass into milk and feed the fox. road. The inorganic salt in the milk is rich, and the amount is not more than 20% of the diet, and excessive is easy to cause diarrhea.
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