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This disease is a more common symptoms in fox feeding. The disease is generally in the late stage of breeding, that is, the adult fox, and is mostly female. The performance of the disease is usually a sharp reduction of food, some refused, and accompanied by oral discomfort, vomiting.
The severe foreign beast will also have obvious abdominal pain symptoms, unrestrained and in the ground, touch the abdomen, and feel hardware cake, so that it is difficult.
The cause of the above symptoms can be substantially summarized as three points:
One is that the feed is not clean or contaminated. The fox is a kind of fur animals that are “emotional”, especially for the feed of feed. For feed materials, more impurities or metamorphic feed materials, the farmers must be kept in mind, otherwise they will cause the intestinal disease of the fox.
Second, the fox will fall off before and in summer and autumn, naturally do not naturally inhale and swallow part, then enter the intestines, although most will discharge the body with its own protection system, but still Some will be resembled in the body, long time, forming a cake.
Three is that the farmers are mixed with the fiber or packaging paper on the packaging bag into the feed when feeding a full price or particle material, making the fox to eat, and this kind of substance does not digest, once it is There must be a disease.

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