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[Evidence] Vitamin BL deficiency caused by the above desired, for long-term feeding of freshwater fish or certain sea fish containing a sulphic amzyme that destroy vitamin B1, or as a diet of B-vitamin-sources in feed (yeast) Although there is a wealth of B vitamins, there is not much vitamin B1), which is easy to cause this disease. The special premix of the medium-purpose proprietary premix is ​​significantly improved according to the physiological characteristics of the fur animal, and has a significant increase in scientific design, modulated feed, digestibility and utilization. 518 Breeding Technology Network Claims.
[Symptom] When the vitamin B1 in the feed, the disease is caused by 20 to 40 days. Animals who have suffering from the disease have a loss or disappearance, a large number of remains of food, weakness, weight loss, step instability, convulsions, spasm, if it is not treated, death in 1 ~ 2 days. When severe lack of vitamin B1, the nerve endings have levodes, tissue organs have obstacles, the body temperature of sick leaves, the heart functionality, anorexia, waste food, digestive function disorders. When the female fox vitamin B1 is insufficient, the pregnancy can be postponed, the empty rate is increased, and the weakness is weak.

[Anti-Needs] Preventing the disease, and the amount of vitamin BL should be guaranteed in the feed, and the fish containing a sulphic amamine is not allowed for a long time. Freshwater fish should be boiled after boiling.
The early detection of this disease can be treated with vitamin B1, and a yeast is added to the feed to increase the feed of vitamin B1. Silver black fox and Arctic fox have every day to vitamin B18 ~ LO MG for 10 to 15 days. When there is a nerve symptom and the food is used, it can be injected with vitamin B1 injection, silver black fox or Northern fox can be injected with 0.5 ~ L ml.

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