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Plant Feed Plant Feed is also an important part of Fox Day Food. Including various cereal, oil crops, processed by-products, and various vegetables. Such feed is rich in carbohydrates, which is the supplement of the energy required for fox. 518 Aquaculture Technology Network found that a special kit was previously added by VC division, adding 0.01 g / only in a small donkey, and can reduce the biting when the nest.
(1) Biscuits cake feed is the product after oil seeds extract oil. Mainly bean cakes, soybean meal, deserti flower seed cake and peeling peel pie, etc. Such feed contains 35% to 48% crude protein, containing a quantity of cystine, methionine, and certain unsaturated fatty acids, a certain benefit to plush growth. It can generally account for 20% to 30% of diet, and can also be flexible to grasp the cost of canes in different feeding periods.
In the diet of winter fox, cake feed can be used instead of 30% of fish. Summer, autumn, cake feed allows meat, fish feed 40% to 50% (amount of animal protein). When the diet contains a certain proportion of cake feed, the amount of fat-soluble vitamin, free fat and yeast should be increased. Biscuits feeding fox, must be fed after being prepared, generally should not exceed 1/3 of the cereal feed, otherwise easy to cause soft or dy. The unchecked peanut cake and sunflower cake should not feed the fox.
(2) Slim roots, stems and fruits and vegetables feed for the roots, tubers and fruits and vegetables, including carrots, sweet potatoes, feeding bees, potatoes, pumpkins, Chinese cabbage, big head, rape, spinach and Tomatoes, etc.
The maximum characteristic of root stem feed is that the moisture content is high, and the dry matter content is small. For dry matter, their crude fiber content is low, and the nitrogen-free leaching content is high. When the cereal feed is insufficient, it can be replaced with sweet potatoes and potatoes, but you need to wash the net and boiled. Fruit and vegetable feed is an important source of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C and minerals. Vegetables can also be used to help digest, enhance the effect of feed. Fruit and vegetable feed contains a lot of moisture, is an alkaline feed, so there is a function of mediation feed volume and balance the acid. Fruit and vegetable feed content is low, and the proportion of the estate in Fox should not be too large, generally can account for 3% to 10% of the total feed.
(3) Cereal class is generally fed by cavityClass feed has corn noodles, whole wheat flour, etc. Cereal processing by-products can also feed a small amount. Cereal feed must be smashed and can be fed after cooking. Cooked methods used in production places are usually: boiled porridge, steamed head, roasted, baking, puffing, etc. The purpose of breed pulverization and cooked is to destroy the cell wall, so that nutrients can directly be effectively affected by digestive enzymes, which is beneficial to digestion and absorption. Cereal feed after puffed, generally increased by about 15%.
The cellulose content of wheat bran is high, and the fox is very low. However, the wheat bran has a loose food, stimulating gastrointestinal motility, etc., can be added in an appropriate amount. 518 Farming Technology Network believes that its use is generally not more than 20% of the total cereal feed, otherwise it will cause indigestion and dysenter.
In Fox Day Food, the proportion of cereal feed is usually 15% to 25%.

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