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Be sure to do a good fox in winter, because the winter weather is cold, the fox is very simple to suffer from various diseases, strengthening the breeding process is the main point. Now the 518 farming technology network will explain the winter fox breeding skills as follows:

The breeding of breeding is now the maintenance of the fox and blue fox. Silver Fox is a breeding period in January, and the breeding period of Blue Fox can be extended to February. The main task during this period is to adjust the nodding level of the diet, increase the protein share in the diet, to reach the medium-oriented body conditions before the fox breeding. Different nutrients are implemented for overfertilization, and the slim fox is to make it weighing 5 ~ 6 kg before the breeding.

The breeding period of the breeding period is in the breeding period of silver fox in January to March; the breeding period of Blue Fox is from 3 to April. In this case, it is necessary to supply a fox to the rich, suitable, easy to digest, appropriately increase the amount of trace elements and multicastase infeed. Vitamin E20 ~ 30 mg, onion or garlic 4 to 5 grams can be added to each kilogram guess, 1 to 1.5 grams of trace elements.

In pregnancy, the breeding of the breeds in the pregnancy needs to be particularly strong. Pay attention to the supply of all the nutrients and excellent feed, should avoid feeding mysteria to feed to prevent miscarriage. Let’s do a good job in the cleaning and disinfection of the fox, insist on the quietness of the fox, and minimize the occurrence of stress factors.

The breastfeeding breastfeeding is poor in the early stomach, the best is to add less, 3 days, three days, the time is quantified. Pantry fox should be replenished to 25 days of age, usually supplement twice daily. Fresh fish, liver, eggs, milk, etc. can be made into pastes, let Pepsia seize, and put back into the original nest.

The breeding period of the branch is usually wearable in the 45-90 days, and the production can be flexible according to the growth of the child. The body is strong, and the independent life ability should be early. Wo; the body is weak. After the branch of the voyer, the growth of Piu Yu growth was rapidly, and the later plush growth quickly, there is a lot of nutrient substances, so it should be as good as possible to make the normally growing health of the child. .

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