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1, pig ear edge edema, out of water sample liquid, how to deal with?

A: This is a typical virgin hyperplasia symptom, due to the topical inflammation caused by Pork Ear, if redness is severe The package, the bag is water or purust liquid, please pull out the liquid in the bag with a sterile needle tube, then partially or systematically inject a sensitive antibiotic antibiotics (such as long-active fluctoneiotransin injection, cephalosporin) Thiofurium, etc.) can be cured.

2, how to identify blue ear disease is an epidemic area or a non-epidemic area?

A: You can identify three laboratory methods: First, the blue ear disease antigen is detected through the laboratory. If the detection result is positive, it is proved that the pig field is infected with blue ear disease, and it can be a blue-ear disease epidemic area; second, if the pig farm has never immunized blue ear disease vaccine, the laboratory antibody detection is positive, proves Epidemic zone; third, if the laboratory detects blue ear sorghum antibody is positive, it is proved that the pig farm is an epidemic area. If the pig farm is infected with blue ear disease, it is recommended to disclose blue ear disease to disappear vane, fast, and good effect.
3, what should I do with piglets?

A: First distinguish what is caused by pulse. Bacterial (such as E. coli, Salmonella) is diarrhea, orally oral maomethyin or fluoripipipipipiphenic acid (norfloxacin) drinking water or injection of dauntae injections. There are many reasons for viral diarrhea, such as atypical swine fever, pseudo-trails, rotavirus infections, can cause piglets to rose, which requires usual farmers to do the immune work of these vaccines. After the disease, if it is a pig It can be added to the total amount of immunogeneous agent-yeast immunogecharides, 2-3 kg per ton, improve immunity, if it is no smashing pig, pulling 2-3 kg this product in the sow It is best to add a broad-spectrum antibiotic group such as a broad-spectrum antibiotic group such as: 2 kg or branch of branch + 300 grams of strong metonecin, add 10-14 days to control secondary infection.

4, pigs in the pigs, how to do with antibiotic therapy?

A: This may be caused by viral diseases such as swine fever, blue ear disease, it is recommended to conventional vaccination For example, swine fever, blue ear disease, pseudorant, etc. must be immune, and can add immunogenerators in the long-term feed of pigs, conservation pigs, and growth pigs, increase the resistance of the disease, and long sick pigs.Effective broad-spectrum antibiotics “easy speed” to control secondary infection, the effect is more obvious.

5, the sow is normal, and suddenly don’t eat it the next day. It is a bit vomiting. It doesn’t have fun. There is no other symptoms. What should I do?

A: Sow may be due to recent The income of the weather changes, it is recommended to give the pig mouth to help the digestive drug “food mother”, and the sow is injected with vitamin B12 injection, the effect is faster.

6, the pig has happened five diseases, what should I do?

A: It is recommended that the scale farm implements closed production, strictly restricts the idle person to enter and exit, and thoroughly rinse the pigs, dry 2 hours The above, strictly disinfected; at the same time, the audience is strengthened, every day with pig disinfection, composite iodine disinfectants such as “Hundred Sweepers” or peroxoic acid, such as “Huifu Star” to the mouthpiece disease. The effect is best. In order to enhance pigs resistance, if you have five diseases, you should isolate the sick pig as soon as possible, disinfected 2 times a day, use the “Hundred Sweots” stock solution to directly spray the patient’s affected, promote healing, and reduce the dissemination.

7, how to do the reserve sow is not estrus?

A: The reserve mother saves the first condition must be met: weight of 120kg or more or more than 8 months, if the above conditions are satisfied Still not estrus, can be injected with chlorinated alkenyl alcohol (laws), if it is still unsuccessful after 14 days, then use pregnant horse serum 1 or according to the instructions.

8. Do you want to make blue earlings? What kind of seedlings?

A: At present, most of the pig farms in China are positive. Vaccine, each year of pigs 4 times, first immunization 28 days later, then enhance once, once every 3 months. JNONG.

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