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Frequent food safety incidents, consumers have a trust of the crisis of water products, and eat with confrontation fish into the incidents of the people. In this big context, Shanghai Jiayan aquatic market in Shanghai, Shanghai Jiayan Aquatic Market, and Beijing Okomei Technical Service Co., Ltd., tightly seized the opportunity of the national “Internet + aquatic” strategy, through the Internet’s connection and bridge role. Promote the big data and intelligent development. After more than a year, Jiayan aquatic retrospective system was officially launched in May this year, running more than 2 months, has achieved a good application effect. At present, the 74-family port of Jiayan Fish Fish Trading Zone has achieved full coverage. There are approximately 1 million dollar fish daily from the market, and nearly 100 can be retroactively retroactively, fully guarantee the fishing car and each batch of “identification” QR code of each batch of fishing products every day. This can be used to understand the source environment information of freshwater fish, the fish feeding process, and the transportation path of the watermaster. If you are a breeding base, it feels that the market demand information is asymmetrical, the sales of aquatic products is difficult, and it is expected to create its own brand. If you are a wholesale market file owner hopes to get more origin farming information, there is no time, no time, no time Human to find a place of origin; if you are a catering hotel, food farm, direct consumers can’t identify full information from the aquatic products from the pond to the table; then join us, WeChat applets directly search “Jiayan aquatic products buyers” or scanning Let you open the new wisdom aquatic product!

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