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Bacterial intestinal disease is a more common and multi-kind fish disease in freshwater fish breeding, deteriorated in water quality, low dosage oxygen, feed deterioration or corruption, food-filled unclean food, eat uneven food, fish is resistant to decline It is easy to infect enteritis induced by bacterial infections. The autumn water environment changes, coupled with the high load of the peak digestive system, and the eating fish represented by the grassfish is very prone to bacterial enteritis, which can cause full pond death.

Freshwater Fish Disease

Symptoms of grassfish bacterial enteritis: 1, sick fish loss or do not eat, body color black, slow swivel, early anatomy can be seen in the intestinal wall congestion, intestine The wall is thin, and the elasticity is lowered. 2, in severe cases, the mucosa is severely removed into the colon, and the anal red and swollen, the abdomen is low, and the yellow mucus flows out from the anus. Some will have a purulent chain or the symptoms of the feces.

Freshwater Fish sausamitis disease

At present, the farmers often start using the above symptoms in the grassfish, and the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs such as oligin, norfloxacin are beginning to treat, but the effect is not ideal. The medication does control the mortality rate, but once the drug will be recurred, so the occasion occurs, it is annoyed. For bacterial enteritis disease for grassfish, the most fundamental method is to be actively prevented when he is not ill, and the method of combining an internal drug and an elimination of water is treated. Prevention method of grassfish bacterial enteritis disease: 1. Scientifically feeding nutrition comprehensive high quality feed. 2, regularly adjust water, control water quality, reduce pathogen. 3, columns to protect liver and enhance immunity. Use Eucommia leaf extracts that can inhibit harmful bacteria, improve intestinal health, add 300 grams per ton of feed; regular mixture, bile acid to protect liver gallbladder, enhance liver function, reduce liver and The digestion burden of the intestines, add 500 g of feed per ton (30% content, below).

Freshwater Fish Breeding

Treatment of grassflake bacterial intestinal disease: 1. Use hydrofilmnamic drugs such as normmycin, norfloxacin, etc. . At the same time, you can’t ignore the health care of hepatobiliary and intestines. If you enter the intestinal disease itself, it is easy to manipulate and gallbladder, and the use of antibacterial drugs will damage liver gallbladder. 2,000 grams of bile acids per ton can repair hepatochoamidal injuries, improve intestinal health, and synergistic antibacterial drugs thoroughly cure bacterial enteritis. Bacterial enteritis for grassfishDisease, we should pay attention to health and prevention, prevent diseases to prevent diseases. In addition, the liver and intestines of the fish are all integrated. The liver and gall will inevitably will be in the process of intestinal, and the health care of the hepatobiliary cannot be ignored during treatment of fish. The article is from the official website of Shandong Longxuan.

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