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The recent document of agricultural rural parts pointed out that all national core farms must be a pseudo-raw fangs in 2020 This is a huge challenge for most kinds of pig farms. In order to fundamentally reduce the economic losses brought by the pig pseudo rabies to the pig industry, the pig farm should implement pseudorabilia purification. As opposed other pig infectious diseases, pig pseudo-rabies is a disease that is relatively easy to purify. At present, there are many countries and regions in the world that have destroyed or purified pig fakes. We don’t usually have a short-time pseudohavis, but we can purify pseudorabies in the “breeding farm” in a certain period of time.
For economic interests, the “Management Immunifurbed Law” adopted by most pig farms will purify pseudorabies. The measures usually taken by the core species are to strengthen feeding management, do biological safety measures, ensuring that the pigs introduced are pseudo-raw fangs, and the whole pig population is subjected to pseudohadabogenesis. The immunotalactic procedures are generally: a sow, three to four times a year, a boar for one year three times, piglets 1 to 3 days old drip-binding piglets 70,100 day-old immunojection. This is the key to the establishment of the biosafety system. The pseudo-raw positive pig farm has successfully achieved the key to the purification of pseudo crazy. The key points of the biosafety system include the following aspects:

(1) Pig field set up a guard system and peripheral setting protective network , Strict restrictions, animals and transport vehicles enter farms, eliminate foreign people’s visit; strictly forbidden pig farm people bring out the apathetic hoops and products into the pig farm; strictly prohibit any other animals other than pigs, such as cattle , Sheep, horses, dogs, cats, rabbits and pets, etc., and prohibited from entering the field.
(2) Implementing the management system of pigtocks, in the biosafety system of the pig farm, pigtock management is a key ring in external biosafety construction, and it is also a pig farm direct with the outside. Sensitive areas, the management system of pig assemblies should be clear below:

1 Clear dirty zone and net zone, it is best to draw lines on the ground, pigs can only follow the net area – dirty zone Flow, production area staff prohibited from entering the dirty zone;

2 Make sure the flush sewage does not return to the pig table;

3 The pig area is preferably anti-bird network and anti-mouse measures4 Make sure that someone responsible for each use can completely rinse and disinfection.
(3) Control of feed and water sources, drinking water and pigs on pig farms, should be added to sodium sodium sodium sodium chlorate to disinfection and purification. Drinking water at least two tests, detecting water quality changes, mainly monitoring the number of coli and other coli.
(4) For the reserve pigs entering the production area, strict tests are taken one by one, ensuring that the introduced seed pig pseudo-mobilisotoxic antibody is negative. Establishing an independent, a separator from the pig farm, and thoroughly disinfecting its circle, equipment and the environment, dry dry, and the circular disinfection is dry 3 times.
(5) Control of harmful organisms in the pig farm, because pseudohadia is a variety of animals, many animals and wild animals may play a medium in the spread of the disease, so strict control fields Inner dogs, cats, birds, and other poultry, mice and weasers and other wild animals into the pig farm, especially pig houses, feed processing and storage. In particular, the rats are very wide, and it is important to disseminate media in the spread of disease, must take measures to control and eliminate. It mainly includes ensuring the environmental hygiene, trapping procedures and inspection procedures around the pig farm; and laying pebbles or small stones around the pig house, allowing rodents to easily enter the pig house; at the same time take effective measures to prevent birds from entering the pig house.

(6) Develop scientific and effective disinfection procedures, in order to reduce the content of pathogenic microorganisms within the pig farm, daily disinfection mainly includes environmental disinfection, disinfection, personnel disinfection, pig disinfection, entrance article disinfection, etc. Strictly perform the sterilization system of the pig farm, correctly use scientific and effective disinfection methods and pay attention to regular replacement of disinfectants to avoid disease resistance.
(7) Dirty pigs are harmlessly treated, and the sick and dead pigs are an important infectious source of disease spread and spread. If they do not properly deal with sick, they will harm the environment of the pig farm. The treatment method of current sick pigs includes: deep embedding, bioferder, incineration method, chemical system to do biological fertilization, and pig farms can take corresponding measures according to local government requirements.

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Pseudo-rabies purification is a system engineering, including the determination of reasonable immunization procedures, pseudo fans The negative introduction of pigs, regular (half a year) to carry out ELISA antibody monitoring, the establishment of a pig phase-out system, the construction of a biosafety system, and the establishment of a biosafety system is the weight, I hope to purify pseudo-rabies The field establishment and improvement of the biosafety system, and establishing a Biosafety Commissioner to supervise and implement measures. Only everyone in the field develops the habit of paying attention to biological safety, can truly fall into practice.

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