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The raccoon is also called flowers, white nose dogs, flower face palm cats, etc., fruit raccoon is a paguma. There is only one species, which is the original population of the ethnic species of the undergraduate species. The raccoon is precious fur and meat wildlife. “518 farming technology network finishing”
1, the breeding fruit raccoon is a seasonal cycle, there are 4 to 6 personality cycles in the estrus season, each estrus cycle is 3 ~ 7 days during each estrus . The fruit raccoon has reached sexual maturity, but the growth and development is better, and the pregnancy is about 56 ~ 58 days. When the maid is escorted, it mainly shows that the appetite is weak, and the yin gate is swollen, which is pink. After 2 ~ 3 days, the yin gate is made from pink to red. It can be seen to secrete mucus, wet, urinary frequency, excitement, and “噗” spray, often 舔 外 阴, 增 增, is pink, willing close Diva, accept the urban crawling breeding. After the breeding, we must strengthen nutrition and do a good job in pre-production. Put it in the production box, the light of the production box should be dark, and quiet. The raccoon after the birth is quite fierce, and the vast is nurtured by himself. Don’t take people to bother. It is necessary to attack the breasts and run around, so that you can hurt the sauce or bite the tender. If the breast grows in 30 days, it will eat with the mother. The number of lottery is gradually reduced, and it can be naturally broken by 380 days. Do not replace the previous feeding
2, prevent the disease. The fruit raccoon is small, but it should be adhered to the principle of no disease premature defense and disease early. Get a good health, it is strictly forbidden to feed mildew. When there is a ragestitis, use oxytes into powder, 1 piece per day, mixed in the material. In order to prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases, it can be vaccinated by canine disease and botulinum poisoning.
3, out. When the vine is raised from 5 to June, it has entered the middle and late November, and it is when the fur animal winter peel begins to mature. After the maturity of fur, the fur is immediately out of time, and the fur and meat can get the highest economic value
4, the house. According to the behavioral characteristics of the raccoon, the raccoon needs to be built in dry, well ventilated, small noise, good water source. The raccoon is in detail, rain, sunscreen, beneficial to clean, safe and secure, but also convenient for the fruit raccoon sleep and activities, there is a feeling of living in approximate natural caves. There is a small area to split in the premium and the nursery house, each small area is 3 ~ 3.5 square meters, high of 1.8 meters, can raise a venche or youngThe raccoon is only a small set of desires and a small set of becuns, reducing the stimulus of pregnant vecrete. Inside the nest box instead of the wild cave, the nest box is 60 cm long and 45 cm wide, 50 cm high to ensure its sleep to increase the sense of security. It is also necessary to set up potatoes, induce its fixed-point dirt, reduce contamination in the house, easy to manage. There is a large sports site, which requires a large sports venue to meet the raccoon, chase, movement.
5, feeding. The fruit raccoon feed can be 33% to 42%, the wheat bran is 12% ~ 16%, the rice is 7% to 10%, the soybean is 15% ~ 25%, the fish powder is 1% ~ 3%, and the bone powder is 3% ~ 4%. Formulate and add 10 grams of composite vitamins per 100 kg feed. It is also possible to feed the top of the hood, rice porridge, fruit, milk, beef, live fish, and fish, livestock, and poultry. Usually, a raccoon is 125 ~ 150 grams; summer truncation is pregnant, 150 ~ 170 grams per day; autumn needs to consume, accumulated nutrients, 200 ~ 250 grams per day; winter winter break is 75 ~ 125 grams. 50 to 100 grams of the nuttle. Before the estrust estrus, it is not suitable for fertilization (influencing the rate of conception); the ambition must fully strengthen nutrients in the breeding period to enhance physical fitness. It is necessary to change the diet according to the behavior of the racccus season, physiological characteristics.
Spring is prepared with high protein, to meet the needs of raccoon estrus, mating, changing, and mass sports and fetal growth and development; autumn preparation of energy-high feed to meet its accumulation of nutrients; winter due to hibernation Less activity, less consumption, maintain the medium level of the diet. Feeding some fruit before slaughter can make it unique.
When the vine is at 35 days, we must feed the sugar rice or fruit to stimulate the appetite and exercise the gastrointestinal, and gradually transition into the raccoon feed. Develop a reasonable feeding system to raise a good eating habit of raccoon. Because the fruit raccoon night, mainly in the night, so I took 2 times, I was fed once in the morning and evening, and the daytime was 1/3 of the day, and the night accounted for 2/3.
6, environmental management. The fruit raccoon is small, and it is easy to minimize stimuli, such as sound, strangers, livestock, bright intensity changes, color, smell, temperature high and feeding procedures. All habits have suddenly changed, which will cause the fruit raccoon to respond, showing a thrillingUneasy, fear, angry, loss of appetite, loss of libido, nervousness, etc. Therefore, how to reduce stress stimulation is an important means of obtaining a healthy raccoon under domestic conditions. “518 farming technology network to publish”
When the raccoon should be placed in time when jumping, this is a strike, so that it will move by the jump into the back and forth, and continue 1 hour can be restored. When approaching the birthday period, drink water in the fruit raccoon every day, and ensure quiet environment, no special circumstances, don’t arbitrarily catch the fruit raccoon, otherwise the raccoon is thirsty or frightened by postpartum or frightening can cause eating. The race should be raised according to its individual development status, and the raccoon is easy to domesticate, and the small fruit raccoon starting from the small start can be tacited before sexual maturity. To ensure that the cavity lives in the raccoon, the light is weak, especially when hibernation, the raccoon should keep weak light. The raccoon is a fur animal, afraid of high temperature, high humidity, to keep the becoon dry, well ventilated, and the summer temperature is controlled at 20 ~ 30 ° C. To keep the coconographs clean to reduce the occurrence of disease.
The raccoon is more sensitive to odor and red medicine, so the odor does not bring into the beaver house, and the wound treatment does not need red water. The fruit raccoon has a fixed habit of feeding and feeding, and do not casually replace the dietary ingredients, feeding time and feeding methods.

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