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1, the circle is small, the ground is rough, the breast is squeezed, friction, Streptococcus, grape The pathogenic microbial invasion such as Suster, Escherichia coli or Pseudomonia, especially nipple damage is more likely to occur in breast inflammation.

2, the sow constipation, the toxins produced by fecal fermentation will damage the organs of the body, causing various inflammation, such as uterine, etc., will exacerbate the breast edema of the sow, serious It will cause breast inflammation.

3, the feed is too much before and after the production, especially the carbohydrate, which causes the breast swelling and breaking bleeding breast.

4, columns are unharitage, especially if they do not have a mother sow, or not disinfected, do not clean the collections, bacteria breed, resulting in breast inflammation in infection.

5, the piglets are less, the breast milk is more, the milk is not good, the fume is accumulated; the teat is blocked, the lactation can cause breastitis.


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1. Symptoms of breast inflammation:

Red, swollen, pain, heat and functional disorder. The sow is suffocating, red, swelling, pain, refuses to breastfeeding, rejection of breastfeeding, Duoya pig, is standing or squatting, disappointing, irritating, tap, sows, sows will also attack piglets Even a piglet (eating a creation). The amount of sick pigs is reduced or the lactation is not smooth, and the artificially extruded milk is thick, condensed or mixed with pus. The sick pig breast is abnormal. In the late connective organization, a large amount of hyperplasia, and its breast is hard, and even the teat is closed.

2, systemic symptoms showing when sow breast inflammation:

The sow is ill, and the appetite is weak, and some body temperature rose to 40 ° C ~ 41 ° C, the longer the time, the more difficult to control and recover, the sick mother is faster, the body Skinny, even dehydrated.

1, after the sow breast inflammation, the estrus is prolonged, lacks Not estrus.

2, the quality of the milk is very poor, the piglets are pulling, immunized, which is easy to second disease.

3, piglets are lost in failure, and even starvation or dehydration death.


(1) Prevention

1 Strengthen the health management of the sow pig house, keep the pig house clean and disinfect regularly. When the sow is given birth, it is as good as possible, the delivery time is short, preventing the breastfeeding pig from bittering the nipple.

2, the sow three-needle health care:

On the day after the birth, the 7th day after the birth Phiothilone injected separately.

3, 7 days after child sow, add: 10% amoxicillin 1 kg.

(2) Treatment


a. Wash the breast After dry, use a warm towel, then use a fish and ointment ointment (or fish caverly cod liver oil), camphor ointment, and apply the medicine to the skin of the breast.

b. Injecting antibiotics in the nipple, the effect is very good, so that antibiotics are diluted with a small amount of sterilization of distilled water, injecting the milk tube directly. During the medication, the piglets that eat milk should be manually breastfeeding, reduce the stimulation of the mother pig, while making piglets infected with milk.

2 Manpotherapy:

Muscle injection: penicillin, streptomycin, gentamicin, ennovia, ringCalvanoxia and sulfonamides, muscle injection, with 3 to 5 days.

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