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1. Canine disease is a global disease, which is the most important and caused disease that is immunized by immunized fur animals. Dogs can directly lead to infectious diseases of fur animals. Especially young animals, and have an incubation period, it is easy to confuse the dog and the general cold cough, delay best treatment time.
2, canine disease, belongs to large RNA viruses, which are high-contact infectious viral diseases in fur animals, which can be infected with any ages, but they did not accept vaccine in 3 to 18 weeks. Large livestock is large. Most of the viruses are present in the mouth, nasal, secretions or excretions of illnesses, and infected via air.
3, the dogs are generally 3-5 days of latency, just started to have a common cold cough, but the eyes have red blood, tears, tears, green, cough, meat pads in the foot Hard, the heartbeat is accelerating, but there is no impact on appetite and spirituality. It is often good to be good, this will make farmers paralyze, thinking that there is no problem.
4, canine disease can cause systemic infection, so it can be substantially divided into three types on symptoms:
1 gastric: the main symptoms, loss of appetite, vomiting, dysentery, blood and accompanying Severe dehydration
2 Pneumonia: cough, rhinar, sneezing, sneezing Neurological symptoms such as convulsions
4 Other symptoms have anorexia, depressible, fever, foot pad hard, over-angleization, conjunctivitis, cystitis.
5, infection symptoms:
Pre-period: sick animals show eye nose secretions, the body temperature is above 40 degrees Celsius or more, lasting for about 2 days, it seems to be improved, eating, close to normal temperature. Then, the second body temperature rose, lasting for a few weeks, then the respiratory tract, the digestive tract manifested to be more obvious. This situation generally maintains between 1-2 weeks
Mid Evening: As the second body is slightly temperature rise, the condition is further deteriorated, and all kinds of bacterial secondary infections are more serious, fear of cold trend, spirit When it is good, the nasal secretions are incremented to purulent, and the mouth is erosive.
cough, gas-inflammatory, pneumonia symptoms, neurological symptoms, performers, muscle pain, muscle paroxysmosphere, balance disorder, circle sports, epilepsy, and coma, this symptom Maintain 1-2Zhou Dog will die. Some disease beasts have collable, rash, etc. in the inside of the abdomen or in the middle, etc., some form a scalping of the horses

Comprehensive prevention measures: the current sail, fox, 貉 and other fur animal feeding quantities and The raising scale is expanding. But at the same time, the canine disease caused by the canine disease has become one of the largest epidemic.
The diffusion of dogwood virus not only brought a destroyed disaster in the breeding field, but also brought unprecedented problems in the prevention and treatment of fur animal breeding, breeding and diseases, but also brought serious harm to human beings. Therefore, the prevention and treatment of fur animal dogs need to be considering from many aspects.
(1) Strengthening feeding management, using scientific feed formulas currently not get good control in the dogwood, it is necessary to adopt appropriately closed feeding. It is mainly to limit the entry of outsiders, and observe the newly introduced animal isolation for 1-2 months, and observe the disease after the disease.
Population animals should be based on their personality, variety, age, division, and the group is less than the group. Sprinkle, easy to isolate, once there is a disease, and reduce the range of contapes, easy to treat and extinguish. Practice has proved that scientific feed formulations not only prevent nutrient deficiency, but more importantly, it can make animal development complete and have good physical fitness and resistance.
(2) Strict disinfection system, strengthen the quality of disinfection during the breeding process of health and epidemic prevention, directly affect the health of the animal group, must do a good job in disinfection work. The disinfection method should have a simple disinfection method to transform into a variety of disinfectants alternately, and the past plain disinfection becomes three-dimensional disinfection, all-round disinfection.
(3) Time Isolation Treatment: Timely discovering the disease, isolation treatment, and anti-repeated infection, is the key to improving the cure rate and reducing mortality.
(4) Performance of immunization of impermatogenous diseases is mainly due to various types of vaccine stimulus machines to produce immune protection.
Dogwindexal immune proposal
● There is no immunization in the first half of the breeding farm, 1 ml of the mortuary, 3ml per time;
● Aphansee Or the peripheral breeding field has a canine distemper, requiring immunization 2 times, strengthening immunization at 14 days, 1 ml of 貂, 3ml per time;
● Half month before and after immunity, require 2 times a day, The ground is used in the ground, and the cage is classic.;. (It is necessary)
● The animal group requires that there is no disease can inject the vaccine, and the animal group is discovered to be suspended. The treatment of the beast is treated for healthy and animal groups, especially the animal group. Insect diseases, bacterial diseases, dogwood, autumn, etc., resolutely cannot immunize vaccines.
Regular prevention of drug purple cone gold 芪 提 免 免

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