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Hook-end spiral disease
Hook-end spiral disease is also known as bleeding jaundice, is a variety of animals and people, in a short time fever, jaundice, hematuria, anemia, mucosa necrosis, and thin infectious diseases. The source is a hook-side spiral, and the hook spiral is very sensitive to daylight, dry, high temperature and common disinfectant. Such as heating 50 ~ 60 ° C, can kill
1. Epidemiological silver black fox hook-end spirals often explosive or disseminated, mortality reaches 90% to 100%. Under natural conditions, Silver Black Fox and Arctic Fox have a pathogenesis. Infectious sources are rodents, especially rats, livestock is also infectious sources, especially pigs, because pig hook spiral symptoms are slightly slight, mostly hidden infections, long-term bacteria, continuously discharge, pollute the environment.
A bacteria animals are discharged from the urine, and the meat animals have more than 500 days and more than 120 days. The fox poked the contaminated feed and drinking water, or causing local epidemics, accompanied by high mortality. The infection route is mainly the digestive tract, and can also be infected with damaged skin and mucous membranes.
This disease is easy to send from January to October. Its local epidemic features a large number of Foxs after 5 to 10 days, after 5 to 10 days, it is repeated. Generally do not wave the entire fox group. Most foxes have a strong immunity after slightly, no longer repeat infection.
2. The clinical symptoms are mainly divided into super acute, acute, chronic. Super acute occurs in the early stage of popularity. Suddenly refused to eat, vomit, diarrhea, spirit is depressed, the heart is speeding up, reaching 105 ~ 180 times per minute, breathing accelerated, 70-80 times per minute.
rare jaundice. After 12 ~ 24 hours, the mouth of the mouth died and died. No rehabilitation cases. When acute occurs, the disease of the disease is suddenly abolished, vomiting, and diarrhea. Long lying down, thin, stunning, and slow. Significant jaundice appeared. Anal sphincter relaxation.
Urinary frequency, urgency, diaper yellow red. Frequency death is accompanied by back, neck and limb muscle spasts. Strong gay, there is a foam-like liquid around the lips, and finally suffocating, the course lasts for 2 to 3 days, rarely recover. Chronic cases are mostly transformed by acute and subacute.
In the case of normal appetite, there will be symptoms such as slimming, weak, anemia, and regular seventh day. After 2 ~ 3 months, death was dying in the event of significant failure.
3. Diagnosis of this disease is superiorThe symptoms of sexual and acute cases are obvious, combined with epidemiology is not difficult to diagnose, but the diagnosis of the laboratory is needed. This disease is diagnosed with Salmonellaism and Paphylobacteriaosis.
The significant feature of this disease is jaundice, and body temperature is not changed throughout the course; its local explosion is from January to October, which has obvious seasonal. Finally, the diagnosis can be identified in combination with laboratory diagnosis.
4. Treatment of early treatment of serum with anti-hook-side spiral serum can obtain good results, generally injecting once, and in individual cases, it can be carried out in 2 to 3 injections. Subcutaneous injection of blood: Adult silver black fox, Arctic fox is 25 ~ 30ml, 1 to 3 months old fox is 5ml, 10 ~ June is 10ml.
Symptomatic Recommended Pharmaceutical: Luanxi, GM, intravenous glucose solution, muscle injection streptomycin, etc.
5. Prevention measures strictly control the quality of the feed, and strictly test all meat.
Find suspicious feed to feed. Water is safe, and the drinking is washed, disinfected every 5 days, prevents rodent pollution feed and water source, regular rodent, and disinfect. Resolutely isolating the disease, eliminated, not allowed to put into the fox in the middle.

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