Give dog beauty tips

u=2408736328,4146700643&fm=26&gp=0.jpg Parents who did not raise dogs usually take dogs to pet stores to do beauty. In fact, we can always give dog beauty at home, Xiaobian gives you a small paste for dog beauty. .


Every few days will help the dog comb. Of course, it is necessary to terminate the length of different dogs. The comb feeding can help the dog to open the decompression, balance skin oil secretion and remove dead skin, of course, you can also enhance your feelings through this time and dogs. After bringing a dog home, let it get used to comb it as soon as possible, then it will only depend on the part of life. Long-haired dogs such as Afghan hound, magic day, and Lhasa dogs need to be combed every day to maintain its shape. The Golden Mao is retrieving dogs and Lowean dogs can be combed one to two weeks.


The dog should take a shower every four to eight weeks. If your dog is less than eight weeks, you should ask your veterinarian before taking a bath, because they are very sensitive to some beauty products. And each time you have a hair of your dog, you have to comb, because if you have a knot, you will only be tight after wet water.

Shear nail

Eight-week large puppies should help it cut a nail every other month. Tail each time, if you use the dog nail clamp, you may be too large, you can use human use. Washing the ear

For a week, you have to help the dog. Use some cotton balls to help it to wipe your ears. Some long ear dogs such as marhouha dogs, ferries, etc., you need to pay special attention to the cleaning work of your ears, to ensure it clean, tasteless and pink.

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