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Immunization is a job that needs to be done every pig farm. If you don’t pay attention to details, it is easy to have a phenomenon of pigs, resulting in anti-body levels or cellular immune levels of pigs, causing infectious diseases. Or popular, even affect the economic benefits of the pig farm. So how do you immunize correctly? Today, I will tell you an important part of the immunization – the choice of equipment.
1, the choice of the needle
Before immunization, a very critical step is to select the appropriate needle, first check if the needle is tip dull, bend, then the pigs in different stages have only selected the needle size. Make sure the length of the needle can be injected into the muscle layer, and the drug will work.
2, the selection of the syringe
After selecting the appropriate needle, it is also necessary to select a suitable syringe according to the size of the pig and the physical trait of the vaccine. There is only a suitable syringe to master the measurement.
3, determine the position of the syringe
The right to the injection position determines the success or failure of the immunity, and if the position of the injection is selected, it will generally feel certain resistance when pushing the zone, but the promotion is very smooth, after injection Pigs will not hurt.
4, how to find the right injection site
in the right ear of the pig’s right ear, and muscle. We can find that the horizontal line of the upper part of the right ear and the lower level of the right earlie is just the most abundant area, which gives us the horizontal coordinates of the injection. So longitudinal coordinates? For adult pigs, more than 100 kg, usually we measure distance with index finger, middle finger, non-name finger, above three fingers, the vertical region outside the index finger is the position of the ordinate, the intersection of the abscissa and ordinate is the correct position of the injection. .
In our actual production, there are several incorrect immunization methods:
1, the wrong position, such as hit the shoulder blade;
2, when the injection, half of the liquid, half of the air;
3, the injection site is too high, the angle of injection is incorrect;
4, after the injection is rely.
Immunization of pig needles is a very common job in the process of raising the pig. Only the correct muscle injection technology can be made up, otherwise it will not only solve the problem, but also bring new pig farm. problem.

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